When you register for Convention, you will have to choose among these pricing options. Most attendees choose to attend classes to get the full experience. For more information about classes, see Classes.

Non-folding guardians, aides, companions, and staff must register (which will be at no cost), but may not enter any classrooms.

For a full explanation of the different registration options, see Main Registration.

Registration Prices

These prices are for the general public. OrigamiUSA members whose membership is current at the time of registration receive a 15% discount.

General public OrigamiUSA members
One day of classes $180 $153
Two days of classes $280 $238
Three days of classes $355 $302
Attending without classes $225 $191
Guardian, Aide, Companion, Staff $0 $0

Early registration is important! Registrations after June 1, 12:00 am EDT will include an additional $25 late fee. (This fee will be waived for new members who have joined less than 1 month prior to registering.) There will be no late fees in 2023.

À la Carte Items

Shirts and books (printed and PDF) may be ordered as part of your registration. Prices are:

  • T-shirt, all sizes — $20
  • The Origami Collection (print) — $17
  • The Origami Collection (PDF) — $17

The Monday Dinner may also be ordered as part of your registration:

  • Monday Dinner — $45