Location: Lower Level
When: Friday, 6:00 pm

Please join Paul Frasco and Ryan Dong on Friday evening for an official Guinness world record attempt to fold the world's largest origami Swan. Stop by to join in on the fun and cheer Paul and Ryan on as they attempt this amazing feat. We’d like to say a big thank you to Setshop for donating the oversized paper.

Some numbers for you:

Classic origami swan to be folded from a single uncut sheet of 18ft x 18ft square paper. The fold will use no cuts or glue, but due to the weight of the paper it will be supported with an internal armature made from PVC pipe. The final dimensions will be more than 4m (13.12 ft) long from the tip of the tail to the neck and 3.2m (10.5 ft) tall from the base to the top of the head. The swan will be free standing and approximately 1m wide.