Many of our attendees tell us that their volunteer experiences are what make Convention most satisfying. It’s a great opportunity to meet interesting people and see Convention in a whole new light. If this is your first Convention, volunteering is a great way to make connections with folks in the folding community. If you’re a Convention pro, share your knowledge, expertise and love of folding with others!

Volunteering positions include supporting setup and breakdown of the Convention, creating the Model Menu, cutting paper for our Oversized Folding activity, check-in, the exhibition, silent auction, the Source, and more.

Volunteers who sign up for one or more hours during class time will be eligible to receive Priority Ticketing for classes.

To sign up to Volunteer you must be registered for Convention. On your registration form select the “Interested in Volunteering” option. At that time you will automatically create a “Volunteer Identity” for yourself to tell us about your interests and ability. If multiple people in your party are volunteering, please create a separate volunteer identity for each person (which you can do for each of them as part of their convention registration). You may also request to be assigned a position if you are excited to volunteer where folks are needed most rather than for a specific position.

  • If you will be taking classes on any day, choose the "With Classes" option when you register and select the days you will be attending classes.
  • If you are not taking classes and commit to volunteering for two or more hours per day, please complete the Registration form as Staff so we can arrange for you to have a Staff Badge, which will allow appropriate access for your volunteering tasks.

Once you've registered, you'll be able to see and sign up for volunteering in the Volunteering Areas section of the Convention web pages.

Volunteering FAQ

Can I change my volunteering selection after I sign up?
Yes. You can always access and update your volunteering assignments at My Volunteering.
Do I know what classes are available before I sign up to volunteer?
Yes. To be eligible for priority ticketing, you must add your commitments before class assignments are made. The final schedules will be posted June 11th, and you will be able to add or modify your volunteering assignments until the class selections are assigned June 16th. You can continue to make modifications or add volunteer assignments after this point, but it will have no impact on your classes.
How will I know I received Priority Ticketing?
If you volunteered during class time, you will automatically be given priority. See Priority Ticketing for more information.
If I have priority ticketing because I signed up to volunteer ahead of time, but don’t like my schedule, can I change it?
Yes. However we hope you will fulfill your commitment to volunteer during class hours.
Who do I connect with when I get to Convention?
You will receive a schedule of your volunteer assignments before you come to Convention, and you can always see those assignments under My Volunteering; they are also on your personalized My Schedule page. Then just report to the area at the start of your assigned time.

Still have questions? You can reach out to our volunteer coordinators, Emma Opitz and Josefina Callender at convention-volunteering [at]