Paperfolders are a unique group. We are curious, friendly, compulsive, and passionate. We love to learn new models and techniques, and to meet new and old friends. We love to see our favorite authors, and to follow the growth of young folders and creators. Most of all we love to share the magic of origami. Our friends and families may think we're just a little strange, but Origami Convention 2023 is an incredible opportunity to join hundreds of other people who share our fascination with this gentle art, hundreds of other people who understand without explanation. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to meet some of your favorite origami creators and authors. Detailed information is in the various pages listed in the Convention 2023 menu, but here's a summary of what will happen if you join us at an OrigamiUSA Convention.

When you arrive in New York, you'll want to first check in at the hotel and drop off your suitcases. Then you can visit New York. If there's time, you can call the Home Office (212-769-5635) to find out if your help with preparations is needed and there is room in the office for visitors. Please do call before stopping by. COVID restrictions may still be in place.


Friday begins on Friday afternoon at 2:00 pm, when you can register and receive your Survival Kit with tote bag, name tag, and paper. You’ll pick up your Origami Collection and T-shirt (if you pre-ordered them) at The Origami Source. You can stay in the New York Ballroom in the Hospitality Area, which will serve as home base for the convention. There you'll find time and space to sit and explore all the materials you received. You can fine-tune your weekend plans and can plan any changes you want to make in the schedule you built online or choose the classes you want to register for if you didn’t register online. We’ll also have presentations from our Special Guests from 3:15 pm to 5:30 pm.

At 6:00 pm you can check out The Origami Source in the Riverside Ballroom and Riverside Suite, and wander through the incredible books and paper available. You can also stop in at the Gold Mine, a treasure trove of discontinued or discounted books and paper, large decorative sheets and other treats available only at convention. While you’re there, check out the Consignments table, with more convention-only merchandise. Also nearby is the Vendor area, where you'll find origami jewelry and other objects for sale. And don't forget the Silent Auction, where you might be the one to acquire rare books, special papers or exciting handmade items donated by our talented members.

The Exhibition, in Liberty, opens on Friday at 6:00 pm, and is a can't-miss opportunity to see the finest origami displays.

You can have dinner at one of the many restaurants in the area, exploring the various foods that New York has to offer.

Later, you can hang out in the Hospitality Area and fold, wandering from table to table to meet old and new friends, and exchange models. The Hospitality Area is open until 12:00 midnight, and if that's not enough time you can move over to hotel rooms or the lobby.


Saturday is the first day of classes. If you weren't there on Friday, you'll have another opportunity to check in and/or register for the convention. Assuming your schedule is not already full from online class registration, you can add or change classes on site. If you're completely satisfied by your schedule, you don't need to rush in, but please make sure to stop in the Hospitality Area before classes start, as there will be important opening announcements and formal introductions of our special guests.

Then off to class. There are five class periods each day, and many rooms in use.

There’s an ATC Card Swap in Carnegie East at 12:15 pm., and you can enjoy one of the many local restaurants. Also during lunchtime, we will have the voting session of the Annual Meeting where eligible OrigamiUSA members will have the opportunity to vote for our Board of Directors.

After the afternoon classes there will be a Pins Plus Exchange in Carnegie East from 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm, followed by the informational session of our Annual Meeting in the Hospitality Area. This is your opportunity to meet the Board of Directors and the volunteers and staff of OrigamiUSA. You'll learn more about the activities of the past year, and our plans for the future. It's also your opportunity to ask questions, and to make suggestions about the direction you'd like to see us go.

After the Annual Meeting is dinner time. After dinner comes more folding in the Hospitality Area. The Hospitality Area will again be available until 12:00 midnight. You can also enjoy (and participate in, if you'd like) a session The Amazing Race Origami Style (TAROS), a creative spin-off of the popular TV show.


On Sunday there are more classes, and a paper airplane contest during lunch at 12:15 pm outside Bowery. If you want to participate in the airplane contest, sign up at the Information desk by the end of Saturday night. Observers are welcome without signing up.

The Silent Auction closes at 1:45 pm, so make sure to review the items and make or increase your bids before it ends.

Don't forget to do your last-minute shopping and your last viewing of the exhibition on Sunday, because those areas get closed down and moved out late on Sunday afternoon.

After dinner time, we'll have the Oversize Folding with teams making origami models from 9-foot squares. It's as much fun to watch as it is to do, but if you want to participate you must sign up at the Information Desk beforehand.


Monday's classes are similar in format and content to those of Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday evening we'll hold a "We've Survived" dinner where you can relax and enjoy dinner, drinks, and conversation with your new friends in a comfortable venue. Details are one the Monday Dinner page; sign up to attend on your registration form.

The Hospitality Area closes at 7:00 pm, but you can go to Bowery and fold there until midnight.

You'll go home from Convention with wonderful models, wonderful friends, and wonderful memories. So please consider joining us this year. If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please let us help.