Convention 2019
Event time
Saturday, June 23, 2012, 3:00 pm – 4:45 pm EDT
High Intermediate
Nguyen Hùng Cường
Raymond Zhao
Maximum size
Special requirements
Not finished in class
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The model will be taught and diagrams will be distributed as well. This beautiful tortoise is cleverly designed from a simple pig base accompanied by an enjoyable folding process. The final base can be achieved without too much difficulty for a high-intermediate to complex folder but the shaping is the difficult part as it will take a bit of effort and manipulation to go from the base to the final shaped result. It is likely that the first attempt will not be perfect, so folders are encouraged to practice in class and perfect the model afterwards, perhaps with more suitable paper. Japanese and American foil will both be provided if the folder is content with a white turtle. The foil is the easiest way to achieve the shape without wet folding with thicker papers (eg. elephant hide). Folders should be comfortable with sinks, swivels, inside and outside reverse folds, and "playing" with the model and manipulating the paper to reach the desired shape. NOTE: Folding from the provided paper will result in a color changed tail. The white sample turtle is 35x35 Japanese foil and the yellow turtle is 30x30 tissue foil.


Origami VOG 2 (Vietnam Origami Group)