Open Friday

Welcome to Open Fridays! On Friday June 21 we will open our doors at 2 pm for Registration, Hospitality and Sales, and have Opening Remarks and presentations by our Special Guests at 3 pm. Exhibition will open a bit later. Best of all, Fridays will be free and open to ALL folders, whether attendees, members or not-yet-members. Bring your family and friends and enjoy shopping, folding and an introduction to our amazing special guests.

Single Registration Form

In the past, we had multiple registration forms depending on whether you were a class-taker, hospitality-hanger-outer, guardian, aide, or staff. This year, there is a single registration form, which everyone attending Convention must use. If you are a Guardian, Aide, or Staff, there is no registration fee, but you still have to register! You can also order your own T-shirt, meals, etc., on the single registration form.

Online Advance Ticketing

This year we have simplified and enhanced the online advance ticketing process that we introduced last year. The new process was wildly popular and successful—with over 90% of the class registrations coming in online. We’ve introduced some new features, in large part in response to some of your great suggestions last year:

  • DIRECT CLASS SELECTION: You will now be able to select your classes directly from the individual class information pages instead of paging back and forth between the requests entry page and the schedule.
  • MODEL IMAGES: You will see up to 3 images of the model on the class description pages to help you visualize action models and 3-dimensional models more easily.
  • TOP PICKS: Last year, you had to select classes for each day and then for a separate category called top picks. This method was confusing for many attendees. This year, you will make just a single list of preference order that includes classes for all days. This method is simpler than last year, but it still provides the advantages of the online class system: everyone gets at least one of their top choices, and it gives special priority to teachers and volunteers who sacrifice some of their class attendance hours.
As before, you will be able to request your classes online in the weeks before Convention. Then your personalized class schedule will be available on this website well before Convention. A hard copy of your schedule will also be available on site at Convention. For lots more information, please review the Taking Classes page and the classes FAQ page.

PDF version of The Origami Collection

This year in addition to (or instead of) ordering a hard copy of the 2019 Origami Collection, you can order a PDF copy at a special price with your registration. The ordered PDF copy will be delivered to your website account on Convention Friday. You will receive an email when it is ready, and will find it in the file downloads section of your account. To be eligible to order a PDF with registration, you must register for "Attending With Classes" or "Attending Without Classes" for at least one day, and can only order a PDF as part of your own registration (i.e., registration for the logged-in website account owner).

Ordering Meals in Advance

This year you’ll be able to pay for meals on-site, however, it will be at a higher cost. We urge you to order your meals in advance to save money and to ensure that St. John’s cafeteria has accurate counts and can provide adequate food.


You will have the option on the housing registration form to request the bed height to be lower than the standard 33.5 inches. We will also be providing a limited number of step stools, available at the dorm. You can also specify if you will have difficulty evacuating the building quickly in case of emergency or fire drill, in which case we will notify building management and also assign you a suite on a low floor.

If you’re planning on staying at St. John’s, please read the Housing page very carefully.

Saturday Repeat Classes

This was a popular feature that we added last year. This year we’re going to repeat it, but we will announce the classes soon after the online advanced ticketing is complete. So plan your Saturday night, and take advantage of this opportunity to attend sold-out classes.

Two New Halls

There is construction on Marillac Hall floors 1 and 2, and so we will be using some classrooms in Sullivan Hall (SUL) and Tobin College of Business (TCB), formerly called Bent Hall. Both are adjacent to existing halls, and the golf carts will add them to their route.

My Convention

This year we’ve changed a lot of the menus to make things clearer. In particular, we’ve added a new section to the Convention menus: My Convention. Here you will find links to every possible form you might want or need to use, as well as a viewable listing of the submissions made by you or on behalf of you. Trying to recall what you said on your teaching form? Now you can easily see (for that, and every other form). In addition, you will notice that the left-side menu is more compressed this year. However, if you hover over a particular entry (or tap it on mobile devices), you will see a pop-out submenu showing all of its submenu items; a click on the item (or tap, for mobile) will take you directly to that page.