The St. John's campus is easily navigable on foot. The terrain is primarily flat, with a few inclined areas and minimal stairs to climb along the walking paths. The primary convention areas are in buildings that are quite close to each other, easily reached by short walks.

This annotated campus map shows direct walking paths from the bus stops and among the primary convention sites. As you become familiar with the campus, you will no doubt find your own preferred routes—possibly shorter and more scenic.

If You Have Accessibility Issues

For those who prefer not to walk, we will be providing three 5-seater golf carts traveling regularly between the bus stops and the parking and convention areas.

Cart service will be available at key times throughout the day and will cover major convention and bus stop locations in its route. The three 5-seater carts will make the circuit at "rush hour" times during the day—early morning before class registration, lunchtime, evenings after classes. Service may be available at other times of the day and evening, perhaps with more abbreviated routes (to be announced).

To ensure that the carts are available when you need them—especially at off-hours when they may not be making a full circuit—you may request a cart by calling the Convention Hotline: 646-770-4907.

This annotated campus map shows the full circuit to be covered by the carts.