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On-Site Accommodations at St. John's University

Accommodations are available at St. John's in Century Hall, beginning the night of Wednesday, June 19 through the night of Tuesday, June 25. This housing is in basic student suites (bed, dresser, desk) in a secure, air-conditioned, elevator building on the campus a short walk from the main convention sites and right across the way from the dining hall.

The suites include a large common area with table and chairs, couch, refrigerator and microwave. Off the common area are three to five bedrooms and two bathrooms. The rooms are singles, doubles, and triples. Many doubles and all triples have one bed on the floor and one set of bunk beds. Except for parents and children requesting a triple, we will never assign the top bunk. The maximum occupancy of the suites ranges from 6 to 8. Many suites include singles. We have limited flexibility. Therefore if you have a large group that wants to room together, please register as early as possible. If we cannot put your entire group into the same suite, we will try to ensure that the suites are as close as possible.

Linens are included: pillow, blanket, flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillow case, 1 towel, 1 washcloth. Complimentary laundry facilities are available on each floor. There is free WiFi throughout the campus.

Bed heights can be adjusted to less than the standard 33.5 inches and some step stools will be available at the dorms.

You have the option of sharing your room with others or staying in a bedroom by yourself. Details are in the "Costs" section below. However, it is important to note that, in either case, you may need to share a bathroom.

Accommodations include three meals at the Montgoris Dining Hall from Friday dinner through Monday lunch. No meals are available at Montgoris on any other days. The three meals are: dinner on each night of your stay and breakfast and lunch for the next day. For example, if you are staying Friday night, dinner on Friday and breakfast and lunch on Saturday are included. Therefore, you do not need to purchase meals on your registration form unless you want dinner on the day you are leaving. In that case, you do have to purchase it separately on the registration form.

Free parking is available. When you collect your welcome packet at housing registration, you will be able to get a parking pass that is required only for overnight guests.

Access Card

If you are staying at St. John's, you will be required to carry a photo ID card (known as a "Storm Card") at all times. It will be included in the welcome packet that you will pick up at housing registration. This card will get you into the dorm, will be encoded with access to your suite, and will also be your meal card to get you into the Montgoris Dining Hall.

When you register for accommodations, you will be required to fill out a St. John's form and upload a photo for your Storm Card (see registration links at the bottom of this page). St. John's has very specific and detailed requirements for the format of the photo. In summary:

  • JPG and JPEG files only
  • shoulder to head shots only
  • no headwear (hats, hoods, bandannas, etc. except for religious purposes)
  • no prescription glasses
  • no sunglasses
  • no scanned passport photos
  • no black and white photos
  • solid background (preferably blue)
You must fill out this form no later than June 1. If you are unable to upload your photo in advance, there will be a $20 fee to take a photo and finalize your Storm Card on campus.


You have the option of sharing your room with others or staying in a bedroom by yourself. St. John's charges us by bed, not by person. Therefore, if you want to stay alone in a bedroom, you must pay for the unused bed. The costs for the different housing options are as follows:

  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday (with meals included):
    • $120 per night if sharing.
    • $205 per night if you want one bedroom for yourself.
    Note that the price differentials ensure that each person is paying only once for meals.
  • Other nights: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday, Tuesday (no meals available):
    • $85 per night if sharing.
    • $170 per night if you want one bedroom for yourself.

In addition to the above, there is a one-time $35 registration fee for housing. if you register by June 1. After June 1, the fee is $65. The fee covers St. John's costs for linens, access cards, and other services.

Each person must pay for his or her own meals and registration costs. This means that if two people are staying together in one room, each person must register separately. You can indicate that someone is your roommate, but you will each have to register separately. Parents sharing a room with their child or children must register each person separately. The "bedroom for yourself" category is for people who are staying alone in that room, and the cost has been calculated so that you do not pay for meals or fees for the empty bed.

If you do not have enough people for a complete suite, we will match you with others. All OrigamiUSA matching is done by gender.

St. John's Rules and Regulations

Anyone under 18 years of age staying in the dorms at St. Johns must have a parent or legal guardian staying with him or her. Further, a consent form must be signed by the parent or legal guardian when checking in to housing, even though he or she is staying there with the minor.

Only those staying at the dorms will be permitted to enter them. You will not be able to sign in guests.

St. John's University has a very strict no-alcohol, no-drugs policy for all housing areas. Please respect their rules.

Timely Registration and Refund Policy

St. John's University is not certain they will be able to expand our contracted room commitment. Therefore it is especially essential this year that all St. John's University housing forms are sent in as early as possible. We will not be able to guarantee housing for forms received after June 1. If you cancel your St. John's University housing after June 1, we will refund your money only if we can re-rent your room. We make a sizable financial commitment to St. John's University to secure housing, and late forms substantially increase our costs and volunteer effort requirement. We have therefore added a charge for forms received after June 1; please see the housing form for details.

Last-Minute Notifications

It is not uncommon for us to have to send out last-minute notifications via email (sometimes St. John's springs suprises on us). Please check your email during the days leading up to convention! Note that if you have selected "No broadcast emails" in your Privacy settings, you won't receive these.

Checking In to the Dormitory

This annotated (partial) campus map identifies the locations and the driving and walking paths described in this section.

When you arrive at St. John's to register for housing, you will first pick up your registration packet at Ozanam ("Oz") Lounge in St. Vincent's. St Vincent's is right across University Road from the dorms. The entrance to Oz is tucked into a corner where two wings of the building (St. Vincent's) meet. It has a bright red awning. The sign over the door says "International Students and Scholar Services."

If you are driving, you must enter through the main gate (G1) on Utopia Parkway and Kildare Road. Just tell the guard at the gate that you are checking in for the OrigamiUSA convention. Then you would drive along University Road to St. Vincent's, which will be on your right just before you get to the barrier. There is limited temporary parking in a small driveway off University Road just outside the entrance to Oz Lounge that can be used while you are collecting your registration packet and unloading your luggage. To turn into the driveway, you would bear right just before the barrier on University Road. Please be mindful of the other attendees and do not leave your vehicle for a prolonged period.

If you are planning to park overnight while staying in the dorm, at check-in you will have to request an overnight parking pass to place on the dashboard of your car.

Once you have registered, it is a short walk from Oz Lounge to Century Hall, our dorm. St. John's will provide luggage carts for those who would like to use them. Note: you will need to leave your driver's license or other id to take a cart.

For those who would find it too difficult to walk from Oz to the dorm, we will have one of the 5-seater golf carts available to bring you closer to the entrance (described on the Travel page under the heading "Getting Around St. John's). Once done, if you are parking on campus, you can drive to the main parking garage—continuing along University Road, turning left towards Gate 6 (G6) and then turning right into the parking area before you reach the gate (do not exit). Note: The barriers will be raised during this period so that cars can drive straight through from Ozanam to the garage.

On subsequent entries by car, you must use Gate 6, the same as the day visitors—as described in the section on arriving by car.

Check-in is available 9:00 am–6:00 pm. For late registration, after 6:00 pm, you will still go to the Ozanam Lounge to pick up your materials. Note that late check in ends at 11 pm. SJU will staff the desk with the Guests Services team until then. Between 11 pm and 7 am, the desk is staffed with a Public Safety Officer just for emergency assistance.

Early Check-In

Check-ins for Wednesday and Thursday will also be at Ozanam Lounge. Detailed instructions will be in your housing confirmation.

Mobility Issues

In the unlikely event of a fire alarm in one of the dorms, people would need to exit the building. If you might need assistance in such circumstances, please tick the checkbox on the form and we will make sure that someone can assist you. We will also assign you to a low floor.

Checking Out

Checkout is at 11:00 am. On Sunday and Monday you will be able to check your luggage in Century Hall so that you can attend classes and the Monday night dinner. Hours for the luggage storage room are 7:00 am–11:00 am and 5:00 pm–11:00 pm.

If you are checking out from the dorms by car and you are parked in the garage, you must exit the campus and re-enter through Gate 1 (the main gate), the same as you did when you checked in.

Contact Information

St. John's University Housing is being handled by Martha Winslow-Cole. If you have any questions about accommodations, write to her at 5222 Duck Springs Road, Attalla, AL 35954, or call her at (256) 458-3947. She can also be reached via email at convention-housing [at]

Local Area Hotels

If you prefer to stay at a hotel, here are some suggested by St. John's University.

You can also check travel websites for suggestions. Be aware that there are no hotels within walking distance of St. John's. Be sure to check website ratings and reviews carefully. We have no personal recommendations or suggestions for hotels.


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