Have questions about any aspect of the OrigamiUSA Annual Convention? Use the links below to send a question to the relevant person or committee by email.


If you're a first-timer and have any questions, send an email to convention-firsttimer-info [at] origamiusa.org for questions about your convention registration. See first-timer information here.


Send email to convention-registration [at] origamiusa.org for questions about your convention registration. See registration information here.


Send email to convention-housing [at] origamiusa.org for questions about your housing registration. See housing information here.


Send email to convention-exhibition [at] origamiusa.org for questions about the exhibition. See exhibition information here.


Send email to convention-volunteering [at] origamiusa.org for questions about volunteering at convention. See volunteering information here.


Send email to convention-teaching [at] origamiusa.org for questions about teaching at convention. See teaching information here.

Sorry Kit

Send email to convention-sorrykit [at] origamiusa.org for questions about your "Sorry I Can't Attend" Kit order. See information about Sorry Kits here.


Send email to convention-vending [at] origamiusa.org for questions about selling goods at convention. See vendor information here.


Send email to convention-consignment [at] origamiusa.org for questions about consigning goods for sale at Convention. See consignments information here.

Silent Auction

Send email to convention-auction [at] origamiusa.org for questions about donating goods for the Silent Auction. See Silent Auction information here.

Research Library Requests

Send email to convention-reflib [at] origamiusa.org for questions about requesting books from the Research Library. See Research Library Request information here.

Teacher Feedback

Give us feedback about the classes you took here.

  • Teacher Feedback forms are closed.

Send email to convention-teacherfeedback [at] origamiusa.org if you have questions about this form.


Give us feedback and/or suggestions about future conventions here.

  • Convention Feedback/Suggestion forms are closed.

Send email to convention-suggestions [at] origamiusa.org if you have questions about this form.


Send email to membership [at] origamiusa.org for questions about your membership or the process of joining OrigamiUSA. See membership information here.

Other Activities

Send email to website [at] origamiusa.org to add another member-organized activity to our website listing. See detailed information about the existing other activities here.

General Questions about Convention

Send email to convention-info [at] origamiusa.org for general questions about convention that aren't addressed by any of the other links or in any of the convention information pages in the menu on the left.