These are the areas for which you can volunteer at Convention 2019. We ask that you create a "Volunteer Identity" for yourself, which tells us about your interest and availability. If multiple people in your party are volunteering, please create a separate volunteer identity for each person.

Volunteering Areas

Below are the volunteer areas for Convention 2019. Click on any link to see the available time slots for each task and/or to sign up for a time slot.


These volunteers are the faces first seen as people come to check in. Volunteers help set up the registration packets and Survival Kits on Friday, and distribute to attendees as they check in on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

There are 3 tasks in this area.

Public Access Teaching

Share your love of origami by teaching some simple models to the non-folding public when they come to visit the Exhibition or the Sales areas. This gives the visitors a chance to appreciate the joy of paperfolding. Shifts are about 45 minutes to one hour each.

There is 1 task in this area.

Model Menu

Model Menu monitors assist attendees by showing them models and answering questions about them as needed. Model Menu volunteers are scheduled during busy times, like Ticketing and lunch. This is a good position for volunteers looking for a low-key way to lend a hand. Volunteers are also needed for Set-up on Friday afternoon and Takedown on Monday afternoon.

There are 5 tasks in this area.


On Friday, the work is preparing the Ticketing area by hanging the clipboards we will be using to hold the Class lists. These lists will come from the Online Ticketing system. On-site ticketing will only be used for people who did not request classes online or who want to change what they requested online. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday volunteers work from 8:00am – 9:45am, either standing near the ticketing line to keep it organized and moving or helping Convention attendees get or change their class assignments. Volunteers in this area will still have the opportunity to get or change their class assignments when their number is called.

There are 7 tasks in this area.

The Source/Goldmine

Volunteers in this position help out in The Origami Source which includes Goldmine. Tasks include set-up and breakdown, maintaining inventory, answering questions, and assisting with sales.

There are 3 tasks in this area.


This area involves Set-Up and Breakdown, and also the position of Exhibition Manager, which is a supervisory position. Volunteer shifts are 2-3 hours at a time. Responsibilities include oversight for the safety of the Exhibit and providing supervision for exhibitor volunteers as needed. If you would like one of these positions you will be briefed ahead of time. This is an excellent opportunity for a parent/guardian volunteer.

There are 3 tasks in this area.

Silent Auction

Silent Auction volunteers sit and answer questions for those who have come to bid. This is a good position for volunteers looking for a low-key way to lend a hand. We also need volunteers for Set-Up and Breakdown.

There are 3 tasks in this area.


We may need interpreters to help in classes and non-class time. If you would like to interpret, please send an email to convention-info [at], and tell us your language and fluency level, your folding level and which of the Convention days and times you will be available. If you volunteer as an interpreter, we will contact you and try to arrange mutually beneficial times.

There are no tasks yet in this area.

Before Convention

We may need help in the OrigamiUSA Home-Office in the weeks before the convention, especially assembling Registration Packets and Survival Kits. If you are in the NYC area and have some availability, please email admin [at], or call 212-769-5635 to find out if your help is needed. Space in the office is limited; please do not come to the office without first checking by phone or email.

There are no tasks yet in this area.


Assist in setting up materials before the Convention begins and helping to pack up as the Convention draws to its close. Specific directions will be provided on site from the Logistic managers. Requires being on your feet and ability to lift move boxes of varying weight.

There are 3 tasks in this area.

Teaching Materials

Special materials requested by teachers or anticipated for general use (e.g., scissors) must be sorted and organized for easy distribution on each morning when classes are being offered. There are 2 categories: materials ordered by specific teachers and general materials that may be requested on site, such as scissors, glue, large sheets of paper for demonstration. The work is done on Friday morning of Convention and requires approximately 2-3 hours. There will be printouts provided that 1) identify the teachers, their requirements and the source(s) of their materials and 2) catalog the contents of the Teaching Supplies boxes. Labels with relevant information will also be provided. Serena LaVine will be available to provide the printouts and share the methods of organizing the materials used in the past. Teaching materials are provided to teachers prior to the morning and afternoon classes

There are 2 tasks in this area.