Convention 2022
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Sunday, June 26, 2022, 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm EDT
Madison 1
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Robert Foord
Deanna Kwan
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Triknity is a fun geometric model from only 3 papers and a few simple folds. The photos show how the model looks in various papers. In addition to the original model, I will show another way to fold the unit; while this will eliminate the color change, the front side of your paper will show more. If you make Triknity in a few sizes and nest them during assembly, the result will look very intricate. The unit, with modifications, can be used for two other models. I will show samples of these. If there is interest and time, I can give a brief explanation. Alternatively, if you are interested in these other models, you can find me in hospitality.

  • This is a modular/composite requiring 3 sheets.

An unlisted youtube video is available to those who registered for the BOS Vcon Sept 2020.


3 squares the same size, kami, printer paper, scrapbook paper,
duo is nice, patterns are fun, 3 different colors or all the same
6 inch paper gives a 4 inch model
4 inch paper gives a 2.5 inch model
Two clips may be helpful during assembly