Several of the Convention 2022 classes were pre-recorded in addition to being taught live and in-person at Convention. Anyone who is:

  • registered "With Classes" on any day, or
  • registered "Without Classes," or
  • registered for "Recordings Only"

will have access to all of the pre-recorded classes. The recordings will be made available online at the beginning of the scheduled class, so if you registered just for the recordings (or you weren't able to get into the live class), you'll still be able to follow along with the recording.

To find a class recording,

  1. Go to the class schedule (either the class grids or the list of online classes);
  2. Go to the day that the class was in;
  3. Go to the individual class by clicking or tapping its title. Recorded classes on the grids are marked by a icon.

You can also search for individual classes using the Search box at the top of the Online Classes page.

The recording link will be shown on the class page. You will need to be logged into your website account and, of course, must have registered for Convention (With Classes, Without Classes, or Recordings Only).

You can still register after Convention has started because you'll get the recordings of the classes that you missed. After Convention has ended, you can also register just to get the recordings (see below).

Please note that these are the raw recordings from Zoom. The recordings have not been edited and are not downloadable. You can watch them on the Zoom site directly by clicking on the links. We plan to keep them available at least through June 30, 2023.

After Convention

If you missed registering for Convention 2022, you can still purchase access to the recording links, using the link below, for the original online registration price, $40 for the general public, with a $4 discount for OrigamiUSA members. After you receive confirmation of your registration, you will be able to find the links on the individual class pages as described above. Please do not share the links.

Recording Forms

Your recording registrations:



  • Registration for Convention 2022 recordings is now closed.