To take classes at Convention 2022, you will use our class ticketing system, which has two forms:

  • Online Advance Ticketing, in which you will request classes via the website interface—this is by far the recommended method;
  • On-Site Ticketing, in which you can request classes if you have registered after the advance ticketing process has already been run.

In the online advance ticketing, you request the classes you wish to take during the week of June 6, 10:00 pmJune 13, 1:00 pm EDT and arrange them in order of priority; following that, classes will be assigned in a round-robin fashion based on people's choices and availability. Teachers and volunteers receive priority.

Details are below.

Online Advance Ticketing

If you have registered for Convention with classes, you will request the classes you want to take (on the days you have registered for). At the end of the class request period, classes will be assigned in a round-robin fashion. The key dates for class request/assignment are:

  • June 6, 1:00 pm EDT — Preliminary class schedule posted
  • June 10, 1:00 pm EDT — Final class schedule posted
  • June 10, 1:00 pmJune 15, 1:00 pm EDT — Request classes
  • June 15, 5:00 pm EDT — Class assignments posted

Once the class schedules have been posted, you can start looking at the class schedule for each day and making notes of what classes you would like to take.

We’ve prepared a printable document and a tutorial video to provide advice and illustrated instructions to help you with the request selection process. The document and video concentrate on a step-by-step process to guide you through the actual request processing pages. In addition, we provide an annotated worksheet (shown in the video) for those who prefer to compile a list of classes that interest them before actually entering their requests.

Also, during this period, there will be a special email address for any ticketing-related questions: convention-ticketing [at] origamiusa.org.

Class Requests Period

A five-day period, June 10, 1:00 pmJune 15, 1:00 pm EDT, will be devoted to processing your class requests. We'll send out an email to all registered participants when class requests open.

When requests open, you can go to Convention 2022 > My Convention > My Classes to begin entering your requests. For each day that you are registered for classes, you will select the classes you'd like to take and arrange them in order of preference. We'll use your order of preference for class assignment. You'll order all of your requests for all days together in one list. We'll try to get everyone at least one of their top picks. (In years past, everyone received one of their top-three classes, and nearly everyone received their first-choice class.)

While you can make and reorder your requests using any type of device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop), you may find it easiest to use a laptop or desktop computer that will allow you to have multiple windows open on the screen so that you can go back and forth between your list of classes and the possibilities on the schedule. The windows you'll likely want to keep open are:

Class Assignment Period

At the end of the request period, we'll close requests and make class assignments. Classes are assigned in a round-robin fashion (like the NFL draft), with each person getting one request fulfilled per round. Note that the initial order is based on your registration date: earlier registrations come earlier in the assignment in each round. Teachers and volunteers receive additional priority (see below).

Note that class assignment will take into account the days you've registered for classes (you won't be assigned classes on a day you're not registered for), your teaching (you won't be assigned to a class that conflicts with one you are teaching), and your volunteering signups (you won't be assigned to a class that conflicts with something you've signed up to volunteer for).

If for some reason you miss the online ticketing system (or you registered really late, like at the door), don't worry; there will still be some classes available for last-minute attendees and you can use the on-site ticketing described next. But we expect that the vast majority of Convention attendees will request and receive their classes via the online advance process.

Information for Students

Please read through the pages linked below on classroom etiquette and origami difficulty. Origami folks are, in general, a friendly and forgiving lot, but you can help keep things running smoothly by following the generally accepted norms of behavior (etiquette) and only signing up for classes at your folding level.

On-Site Ticketing

If you did not sign up for classes via the online advance ticketing process or you want to make changes to your online class assignments after your classes are assigned, you can do so using the on-site ticketing process (which is similar to the regular ticketing process in prior years) during the morning ticketing period for that day only (see Hours for times). In other words, during the Saturday morning ticketing period, you can change/add classes only for Saturday classes, but not for Sunday nor for Monday classes. If you need to change/add classes for Sunday, please return in person to the on-site ticketing Sunday morning to process your changes, and similarly for Monday.

Those who did not register online and those who did will line up in priority ticketing sequence number order, starting with the lowest numbers at the front of the line. Online registrants will have a printout of their schedules, which can be edited to reflect additional requests and/or changes. Onsite registrants will use this on-site ticketing form:

Before you get in the ticketing line, you should have a good idea of what your first, second and third choices are, at the very least. As you wait for your number to be called, listen for the announcements (or view the online schedule) on sold-out classes and adjust your choices accordingly. If you need additional forms, the line monitors will have them available.

You will queue in order by ticketing sequence number (printed on the back of your convention badge). You will give your completed form (or your marked-up schedule) to the ticketer. The on-site ticketer will process change/add class assignments on the website and will note the changes manually on the printed ticketing form.

Classes that have sold out are indicated by a red border on the class on the schedule grid. Refresh the class schedule page to see the latest sold-out status.

The ticketing form and the online schedule printout will serve for admission to classes; there are no individual class tickets.

There are many sources to use in preparing your class choices: the online schedule (with pictures), the on-site model menu, or the printed schedules available at the Information Desk in Hospitality.

Priority Ticketing

Priority Ticketing is designed to compensate teachers and other volunteers who have donated hours that could otherwise be used to attend classes. That means you must be volunteering or teaching:

  • During class hours (10 am–12 noon, 2 pm–5 pm), and
  • On a day when you are registered to attend classes.

As in years past, special priority will be given to teachers and volunteers who work during class time. Teacher/volunteer priority is taken into account during the online class assignment. Note that you must have registered to teach and must have signed up for specific volunteering time slots in order to receive priority ticketing consideration.

If you teach and/or volunteer one hour during class time on a day when you are attending with classes, you are eligible for priority consideration for three classes on any day on which you are attending with classes.

If you teach and/or volunteer two hours or more during class time on days you are attending with classes, you are eligible for priority consideration for six classes on any day on which you are attending with classes.

Please be aware of these important new deadlines for participation in priority ticketing:

  • Teachers must have entered their teaching forms before the closing date for teaching form entry.
  • Volunteers must have signed up for their volunteer hours before the class requests period ends.

These (and other) key dates can be seen here.

Please note that only a limited number of priority tickets for each class will be available. Teachers/volunteers requesting this priority will have their requests filled in order based on their ticketing sequence number. No class will be allowed to sell out by priority ticketing before the regular ticketing process begins, so it is important to enter many choices during online class registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change the ticketing system?

The new online advance ticketing system offers several benefits over the old system:

  • No standing in line each morning of Convention if you've preregistered.
  • You know what classes you'll be taking well in advance of Convention.
  • You can take your time in choosing what classes you want to take. You'll have a week to decide and make your choices.
  • The new system is far more equitable than the old system.

What do you mean by "far more equitable?"

Under the old system, everyone got a priority number based on (a) when they registered, (b) luck of the draw (since the first day's registrations were lotteried together). If you got a good, low priority number, you got to pick all your classes before everyone else and pretty much got all your choices! Whereas if you happened to register late (or just ended up with a high number because of the lottery), by the time the line got to you, the pickin's could be pretty slim.

In the new system, there's still priority numbers, but now classes are assigned round-robin, like the NFL draft. Priority number 1 gets ONE class; then number 2 gets ONE class; and so on, all the way to the person with the lowest priority number. Only then does priority number 1 get their second class pick. And so on, and so forth. This makes the class assignment process far more equitable than before.

So there's still a priority number based on when I register, right?

Yes. The first day's registrations are still lotteried together; thereafter priority numbers are assigned based on the date and time of registration. But the priority number is no longer "winner-take-all"; it just determines your position in each round of class assignment.

Where do I request my classes?

If you registered yourself or someone else, all of your/their schedules will be linked from the Convention 2022 My Classes page, accessible when you are logged in to your website account. The system will be open for class requests for one week. See here for exact dates.

How do I express my relative choices?

For each day of classes, you can choose any number of classes and drag them into preference order on the online form. You'll put all your choices for all days into a single list, so your top-choice class should be first in the list, no matter what day it's on.

Can I specify conditional choices? Like, if I get into Fuse, I want to take LaFosse, but if I don't get Fuse, then I'll take Peyton?

Sorry, no. You can put your classes into strict order of preference and that's all.

How many choices can I make for each day?

You can request as many classes as you want for each day. The assignment algorithm will try to fill your schedule until either your schedule is full or it runs out of your requests. If you want a full day, we suggest you choose at least 10–15 classes for each day. Also, try to cover each period of the day with several picks so that you will end up with as full a schedule as possible.

Does this guarantee that I'll get my first choice?

No guarantees, but you'll almost certainly get one or more of your top few choices. In past years, almost everyone received their first choice.

Who does the actual assignment? A person? A team?

It's a computer algorithm. There will probably be something like 150 classes and several thousand class requests. The website server will sort through them all and do the actual assignment based on attendees' requests, priority numbers, and class sizes.

Is there special priority for teachers and volunteers, like there was in the past?

Yes, and the good news is, there is special priority, but there's no special process. Teachers and volunteers register and make requests just like everyone else, but they get their special bump at class assignment time, based on the number of hours they teach and/or volunteer.

Does anyone else get special priority?

Yes, we try to give a little extra priority to our invited guests, first-timers and foreign guests. But remember, the nice thing about this system is that priority is no longer all-or-nothing; we dole out priority in measured doses.

What if I register after online class requests close? How do I get classes?

We'll still have an on-site class signup for people who registered late or on-site. This will work like it has in the past: you'll line up in priority ticketing number order and can select classes from what's available. More details are here.

Can I make changes to my class schedule after getting it via the online advanced ticketing?

Yes. You can join the on-site registration line (based on your priority numbers) and can add, drop, or replace classes in your schedule. (If all you want to do is drop a class, you don't need to stand in line; you can do this at the Help desk.)

Can I make a pairing request, i.e., to make sure I get into the same classes with my child so I can assist them?

We do try to group family members together at assignment time; make sure you and your child request the same classes in the same order and there's a good chance you'll be assigned together (though it's not guaranteed). Once the schedules are published, it may still be possible for Convention administrators to make changes to effect the desired pairings, either for the selected class, or another that can be agreed upon.