We know that this website is full of information and can be confusing to first-timers, so here are some basics to get you started. We suggest that you check out the rest of the website for more details, especially At a Glance, which will give you an overview of the convention weekend, and What's New.

If you need more information, when you check in at registration there will be a special first-timer table with people who can help.

Getting Ready

Dress is casual at the Convention. Temperature outside normally ranges from 65 to 90 degrees, and the hotel is air-conditioned, ranging from a little warm to frigid. We suggest dressing in layers. Rainfall usually exceeds 3 inches in June, so an umbrella or raincoat would be a good idea.

Paper will be supplied, so just bring your folding tools (i.e., scissors, tweezers, ruler, glue) or other special items (i.e., notebook, pen). You might also like to pack at least one strong-sided box or plastic container to carry home your finished models.

At the Convention

Friday afternoon and evening there's an informal get-together in the Hospitality Area and presentations by our Special Guests. Come by the Information Desk in the Hospitality Area any time Friday evening to meet us, and to ask questions about Convention. If you have more questions, be sure to arrive early on your first day of classes and stop by the Information Desk or the First-Timer's Table at the registration area so that we can get you oriented.


The Information Desk in the Hospitality Area is staffed at all times. If you need help or have a question, ask anyone (everyone will be very friendly), but especially look for red ribbons on name tags (Board Members and Convention Committee), or blue ribbons (Convention Pros). We'll recognize you by your yellow ribbon, which will identify you as a first-timer.

In the Classrooms

The classes are not overly structured, but quiet attention and politeness are requested. Please be on time for classes, and please do not try to attend a class for which you have not registered, as you may be asked to leave.

Our students range in age from 5 to 95! It's a pleasure to see people of all ages appreciating each other. Children are certainly welcome at all events, but to make the environment safe and comfortable for everyone, please do not leave children under 8 unattended in a class. Please remember, though, that Guardians cannot join students in classrooms unless both are registered to attend classes. If you're a Guardian of an under-8, have not signed up for the class, and are not going to be present, please make arrangements with another responsible adult who is registered for the class or wait quietly outside the room. And, please, take your child out of the room if he or she is having difficulty being quiet.

Remember that all teachers are volunteers. Please help them whenever you can.

Don’t Get In Over Your Head!

Please select your classes with your existing skill level in mind. Folding is fun, but if you take a class that is too difficult you will not enjoy it, and you might impede the others in the class.

To take an intermediate class you should know how to fold a Bird Base from memory, and be good at inside reverse folds, outside reverse folds, and sink folds. To take a high intermediate class you should be comfortable folding double rabbit ears, crimps, double sinks, closed sinks, and stretching a base. To take a complex class you should be an experienced folder, comfortable folding from diagrams, and able to follow intricate sequences of precise moves.

If you are an inexperienced folder, you might want to attend our "Base-ics" class, which is always scheduled for Saturday morning.

Arriving Early?

If you have more questions, please write to Delrosa Marshall at convention-firsttimer-info [at] origamiusa.org, or call the Home-Office at (212) 769-5635. If the person who answers the phone can't help you, they'll pass your message on to the convention coordinators.