During each of our conventions we hold a Silent Auction where rare and unusual items are put out for attendees to bid on by adding their name and amount onto a bid sheet. There is usually a minimum bid, and bidders can raise the bid by (at least) pre-determined amount increments.

This year we have some very exciting items, and we would like to give non-attending members the opportunity to bid remotely, via a proxy. You will need to let us know the maximum you are willing to spend. The proxy will keep adding a new bid on your behalf whenever someone else tops your prior bid, until the item reaches your maximum. If you win, we will contact you and you can pay by contacting the OrigamiUSA home office with your credit card number. Your card will be charged for postage costs in addition to the amount of your bid.

Available Items

Here’s the list of items available for remote bid. The link to submit your bid(s) is at the very bottom of the page.

Item 010: Modular Origami (Kusudama lamp with low heat LED bulb)

Item 011: Origami Vest Size Large

Item 025: Limited Edition and signed Spirals Book (by Tomoko Fuse) with embroidered bag

Item 026: Crane decorated bag transforms into roller bag

Item 039: Box with drawers full of paper

30 cm squares; giftwrap, tissue foil & shapes (23 lbs; 13”x13”x14.5”).

Item 042: Modular Origami (Kusudama lamp with low heat LED bulb)

Item 043: Modular Origami (Kusudama lamp with low heat LED bulb)

Item 044: Fuse Lamp

This table lamp was created by Tomoko Fuse as a prototype for a potential commercial project, and was part of her exhibition at a origami convention many years ago. It features a crane motif, and includes a base, power cord and light bulb. It’s about 2’ high.

Item 045: CRUSHMETRIC pen that transforms.

Designed by artist/inventor Noah Deledda as a functional extension of his sculptural works.


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  • Bidding for the Silent Auction is now closed.