You can order one or more Convention T-shirts and/or the 2024 Collection on your registration form (or your "Forgot Something?" form) for pickup at Convention. However, you must pick them up from The Source during its open hours on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday:

  • Friday, 6:00 pm–10:00 pm
  • Saturday, 9:00 am–7:30 pm
  • Sunday, 9:00 am–6:00 pm

Note that The Source is closed on Monday. If you don't pick up your ordered shirts or books during Convention, we can ship them to you, but you will have to purchase the Convention Book/Shirt Shipping product from The Source to pay for the shipping charges.


Wear your Convention T-shirt around the conference or around your own town!

Attendees of Convention 2024 should order their T-shirts on their registration form for pick-up at check in time.

Those who haven't registered for Convention can still order shirts from The Origami Source using the link below. Orders will be will be taken until supplies sell out, but size availability can't be guaranteed after July 1.

  • Shirt sales at Convention 2024 will become available on May 28, 2024 EDT.

The Origami Collection

Convention will be publishing our annual diagram book, The Origami Collection, in both print and PDF formats. The 2024 Origami Collection contains over 60 models by creators worldwide, most previously unpublished, Levels Simple to Complex. See the Table of Contents.

Attendees of Convention 2024 can order either the print book or the PDF (or both) as part of their registration. Ordered print books may be picked up at check-in. PDFs will be delivered electronically to your website account by end-of-day July 19 EDT.

  • Orders for the print Origami Collection 2024 will open on May 28, 2024 EDT.

After July 19 EDT, the PDF version of the book can be ordered from The Origami Source (whether you registered for Convention or not); it will then be delivered immediately to your website account.

  • Orders for the PDF Origami Collection 2024 will open on July 19, 2024 EDT.