New Dates: July 19–22, 2024

For many years, OrigamiUSA’s Annual Convention has been held the third weekend in June (or thereabouts). This year, the hotel was not able to give us good prices for classroom space and hotel rooms on our regular weekend. (It is difficult to find venues that meet all the requirements for our Conventions.) The new dates are as close as we could come to our first-choice dates while keeping the hotel price reasonable. We realize that this change can cause issues with people's mid-summer travel and other plans, but it’s the best compromise we could find. We have already booked the hotel for July 2025 to lock in good rates, but we are continuing to look for alternative venues that might allow us to shift back to our dates in June at some point in the future.

Raffle of Kevin Box Sculpture

During the Convention you will be able to buy a raffle ticket for only $5 to win this beautiful metal sculpture called "Flying Peace - mini" by Kevin Box in collaboration with Robert J. Lang. The model is painted cast stainless steel on marble. The size is 18"x 8" x 8". You need to be present at Convention to buy a raffle ticket, but you do not need to be present to win.

Class Ticketing Adding/Dropping

Class ticketing has now gone entirely online. As in years past, you will request classes in advance via the website and classes will be assigned based on your requests and your priority number (which is based on when you registered, among other things), but now, after classes have been assigned, you'll be able to add or drop classes from your schedule right up until class time (subject, of course, to class size limits). See the Ticketing page for details.

Model Photos/Model Menu

Photos of the model you will be teaching are a critical piece of information that attendees use to decide which classes to take. Please make sure to post a photo when you sign up to teach. The Model Menu is used as a display to help people decide if they want to change the classes on site. The Model Menu is a place to display what you will be teaching in the Hospitality room. This is optional. We will have tables available for you to place a sample of the model you plan to teach and a tent card to label it. Please note the Model Menu area will not be under constant supervision, but will still be in the hospitality room. Please be sure to check the box on your teaching form if you will be picking up your model.

Survival Kit

We’ve pared down the Survival Kit. When you register you will get a tote bag, name tag, pen, and a pack of 6" kami. Need some 10" kami? Foil paper? Stop by the Information Desk for a few sheets. Need more? Stop by the Source to buy some! Teachers, please note that if you need 10" kami or American foil (10" or 6") for your class, please put in a request when you sign up to teach. The paper you request will be waiting for you at The Source.

TAROS (The Amazing Race Origami Style)

Based on the popular TV show The Amazing Race, TAROS is a fast-paced game where teams of three work together to complete origami tasks at many stations. All teams will be “racing” at the same time, however, teams should only be concerned with running their own race. Once all teams visit all stations, the game ends and the most successful teams will be determined.

Folders of all levels are welcome and encouraged to join. TAROS is a great way to meet people at Convention 2024. You don't need to register in advance, but see details here. Participants will meet in Hospitality (3rd floor, New York Ballroom) at 8:30 pm on Saturday.

Late Night Folding

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to have a formal location for very late night folding (after midnight). However, you can certainly continue to fold in hotel rooms or the lobby. On Monday evening, however we will have late night folding in Bowery after Hospitality closes at 7pm. Come by after dinner and fold until late!