Area Coordinator - Kathleen Sheridan. No experience necessary with Convention or TAROS to be a judge! This is a low pressure and fun volunteering position, you may even have more fun than the participants! Volunteers will meet up with Kathleen at 8:15 PM time (15 minutes before the competition begins) to get acquainted with the table they are judging.


Below you will see all of the tasks you can sign up for and which ones you have already signed up for. You may sign up for any task and time slot below that has a "Sign up" link. You can change or delete a signup until it has been approved; after that, you should contact the volunteer coordinator for changes.

Task: Station Judge

Each volunteer will be the judge of a station which means determining if the task was completed successfully and within the time constraints. Judges should bring a phone that has a timer. Meet Kathleen in the NY Ballroom at info desk at 7:30 pm sharp.

Slot Signups Volunteers
Saturday July 20 8:15pm - 9:30pm EDT 0/6 0 volunteers