Convention will have a Silent Auction to help defray expenses and keep prices low. Please think about donating something to this year's auction. We are looking for some hidden treasures-origami books, paper, jewelry, trinkets, tools, ornaments or clothing items. Anything origami related, although not folded models. In the auction, there is usually a minimum bid, and bidders can raise the bid by (at least) pre-determined amount increments.

Silent Auction Donations

We have limited space for the Silent Auction, so we'd like to limit submissions to rare and/or unusual items. We ask that you fill out a form in advance to submit your items, and we will let you know if your item has been accepted. Do not ship anything until we contact you.

Once we confirm, we will let you know where to send it, or items can be brought with you to Convention.

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  • Donations for the Silent Auction at Convention 2024 will open on May 28, 2024 EDT.

Remote Bids

We have some very special, rare items that you can bid on even if you're not attending Convention, via a proxy. You will need to let us know the maximum you are willing to spend using the Remote Bid form below. The proxy will keep adding a new bid on your behalf whenever someone else tops your prior bid, until the item reaches your maximum.

If you win, we will contact you and you can pay by contacting the OrigamiUSA home office with your credit card number. Your card will be charged for postage costs in addition to the amount of your bid.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the coordinator at convention-auction [at]

You have registered the following remote bids for the Silent Auction:


  • Bids for the Silent Auction at Convention 2024 will open on July 7, 2024 EDT.

Available Items