On Friday, February 16th 2018, it's Lunar New Year and time to welcome the Year of the Dog. To help you with your origami fold to celebrate this occasion, here are some video tutorial suggestions, from simple to complex.

Simple: Traditional Dog

Let's start simple with a traditional design for a dog's head. To make things extra fun, print some templates that give your dogs extra character. This one is perfect for folding with kids, too!

Intermediate: Standing Dog "Down Boy!" by Paul Frasco

Looking for a more whimsical interpretation of an origami dog? Then "Down Boy!" by Paul Frasco, a dog standing on his hind legs, might just be the right model for you!

Intermediate: Dollar Bulldog by Janessa Munt

For those special tips or money gifts, it's always great to have that special money fold ready. For Lunar New Year, try folding Janessa Munt's bulldog, especially if you're eating out in a Chinese restaurant!

Intermediate: Labrador by Steven Casey

According to Wikipedia labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds. So for those labrador lovers out there, Steven Casey's model is a must-fold.

Complex: Sheepdog by Seth Friedman

Who's looking for a real challenge? Then Seth Friedman's sheepdog is definitely for you. It might be a more elaborate project, but when folded well, this model is a total show-stopper!