Cute models that will appeal to children and those who fold for them.
Many variations of a basic module are used to create forms with from six to 80 sides.
Rings, stars, polyhedra and action models in a well-designed new book.
Joseph Hwang’s third book focuses on the sea.
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A review of a much-anticipated book by José Meeusen.
An evaluation of Fujimoto's place in origami history on the eve of the 100th anniversary of his birth.
A new book for modular enthusiasts and educators.
Our critics say that color changes, cuteness and fun abound in this book.
A book of clearly diagrammed, open modular spheres.
For the box enthusiast: a new collection with decorative lids.
Another volume of complex figurative models from the press of Nicolas Terry.
An innovative book of color-change models that exploits the technique to the fullest.
A new book by Marc Kirschenbaum just in time for Halloween.
“Origami Fun and Games” features fun models for folders at every level. Learn more about this selection of models from Marc Kirschenbaum.
A book of charming animals for the advanced folder who enjoys acrobatic moves.
by Laura Rozenberg. Translated from Spanish by James Buschman
A review of a book on the role of folding in mathematics, art and philosophy, and its struggle for recognition through the centuries.
Yara Yagi presents us with a detailed review of Ilan Garibi's latest book, Origami Tessellations for Everyone.
A Tribute to David Lister is a labor of love by Nick Robinson, who invites us to become better acquainted with a giant in the history of British Origami Society (BOS).
by Charlene Morrow
OrigamiUSA Board member and educator Charlene Morrow reviews a book by Tung Ken Lam and Sue Pope, two experienced British teachers of origami and mathematics.
This seventh origami book by Meenakshi Mukerji includes models from three vastly different areas of origami: single-sheet designs, tessellations, and modulars.
This book highlights 25 origami artists, presenting their journey, accompanied by great photographs of their stunning work.
Here is a timely review of Jun Mitani's 3-D Origami by Ekaterina Lukasheva
by Jane Rosemarin (MN)
Ioana Stoian's second book again proves the beauty of simplicity. The models included are a mix of her own designs, that of others, and traditional ones.
A book review for the book in the Passion Origami series, "Spirits of Origami".
A book review for the origami compilation book, "Origami Masters: Bugs".
by Vishakha Apte
A book review for "Money-Gami," a collection of money folds designed by Gay Merrill Gross.
A book review for "Practigami," a compilation book of models with practical value designed by many folders.
A book review for "Origami Flowers," an English language book by Kazuo Kobayashi including floral presentation advice.
A book review of Rikki Donachie's book "It's Just a Bit of Paper: Vol. 1."
A first hand look into an iPhone app called 'Mr Shingu's Paper Zoo,' reviewed by Gilad Aharoni, an origami-dad.
by Román Díaz
Román Díaz presents a thorough and engaging review of John Montroll's "Horses in Origami".
I have always truly and deeply loved Michael LaFosse's butterflies. This new publication presents them beautifully, in my opinion a must-buy!
This wonderful new book stays true to its subtitle: its simple elegance and attention to detail quickly captured my heart, just as I believe it will many of yours!
Nick Robinson
A review of the the book "Bible Origami" by Andrew Dewar.
by Nick Robinson
A review of the NOA publication "Origami Boxes".
Tomoko Fuse's newest book is exquisite and all about spirals!
Reviewed by Ancella Simoes
It's every complex folder's dream: Over 30 path-breaking models by the talented Vietnam Origami Group published in a new collection by Nicolas Terry.
by Nick Robinson
Review of a paper airplane boxed kit.
This article presents different ideas on how to publicize origami books online. These tips are useful for authors, but can partly also be applied by origami enthusiasts wishing to support creators - and thus ensure books continue to be published.
Peter Engel's newest book picks up where <i>Origami from Angelfish to Zen</i> in his explorations of pattern, form, and meaning within origami.
by Joseph Wu
As more and more companies jump on the origami publishing bandwagon, the quality of the books being produced goes down.
A review of "Outside The Box Origami" By Scott Wasserman Stern
Reviewed by Daniel Scher
Jeremy Shafer's second origami book showcases his wit and creativity with a wide array of action models.
A review of a book which pays tribute to the inspiring and unrivaled legacy of one of origami's greatest masters.
Reviewed by Ancella Simoes
This book features an impressive array of 21 intermediate to complex models.
Reviewed by Daniel Scher
This book of mostly intermediate work contains 30 superb designs.