A book of clearly diagrammed, open modular spheres.
Another volume of complex figurative models from the press of Nicolas Terry.
Learn more about a designer of exquisite kusudamas, and try your hand at folding one.
An innovative book of color-change models that exploits the technique to the fullest.
Just like her motto, "Modulars are symbolic for ‘connections’ (in all senses)," José connects to many people through origami with her beautiful modulars. Practicing origami for more then 40 years, she begins her story at a Fröbel school and brings it to the present with Facebook.
It is strange to find a younger, probably better, version of yourself. Michał is highly prolific in a rare genre of origami — tessellation. As always, this is a story about creation, revealed in nine questions that unveil the workings of this origami designer.
by Andrey Ermakov, Ilan Garibi, Dzmitry Lysiuk, Peter Stein, Yaroslav Terehov
The IOIO is one of the largest international origami events in the world. If you want to understand what makes 550 contestants from 57 countries so excited, read along!
I present to you one of the top origami artists in Israel. Ben has been designing for the last seven years, and the ease of his approach will make you say "I can do it as well!". As always, nine questions, nine images, and a Daffodil diagram!
Mi Wu designs masterly bicolor models and is leading an effort to make the artistic creations of origami designers from China known to the world.
While scrolling down on Facebook, an image of a feathered tsuru nestled on the palm of its creator froze my index finger, and I knew I had a new candidate for the ODS series. The best part of it – you will really get to know the guy, since his answers are long and insightful indeed!
Viviane Berty describes the inner joy of origami design and the beauty of origami designs that gives prominence to the paper and its texture.
Once again, the simple process of asking ten questions reveals the true identity of a designer, who in this case still is not sure if he is one. For me, the most interesting phase is just before you are brave enough to define yourself as an artist. Read more to see if you can notice this thin line.
Here is a creator who knows exactly what she loves to do. In an area that seems extremely narrow, Rebecca stretches its borders to the horizons, and creates many variations on a single theme – pots.
Daniel Chang's origami is totally free from any references, and the paper to him is more like clay than a surface to grid first. As always, ten questions to reveal the way Daniel creates his paper (and more) sculptures.
A new generation of creators is emerging, and their origami is from the other side of the sun. It is fresh, alternative, unique, not easy to understand, but has many layers of inner beauty. Here are ten questions, nine answers, and a single model to expose you to the inner side of Kurth Alexander!
I have never met Yara, but being part of the international online community, I realised she has become a unique and flexible creator. When I saw her last models, I knew it was time for a better, deeper connection. I asked nine questions, and hopefully, you will get to know her by reading her answers!
Enrique is special in the way he thinks, in his humor, in his creation. This interview introduces him and his work process, revealing more than usual, how he creates his cartoon-like, funny, lively models.
Better known as Gachepapier, David, the origami designer sheds some light on his true self and his creation process. As always, 10 questions with eight answers, as one of the answers is just another question.
Search for Metal Origami, and Tine De Ruysser's name comes first. I was able to meet her at the 6th International Meeting on Origami Science, Mathematics and Education. She is a designer first, and only then an origamist. Her answers to my questions tell a unique story of creativity and beauty.
by Patricia Grodner
This is the first in a series of articles highlighting Community Origami Groups (COGs). This spotlight focuses on AOS, the Albuquerque Origami Society.
Browsing on Facebook, I did a double take. It was origami, but I could see immediately it was a different type of origami than I am used to seeing. It was original, creative, and most of all, unique. I am glad to present to you Portuguese architect and talented origami creator: João Charrua.
Only six years ago, this designer had no original model, although he was folding for 32 years. Then, something happened, and he crossed the line into creativity. The process he went through is unique, and the results surprised even himself. Let me present you - myself.
The 2010 CDO convention was my first international convention. Coincidentally, it was just the same for Allesandra, a young enthusiastic folder. Read here what process she went thorough since than, to become a young, enthusiastic creator!
15 years ago, Cheng Chit just decided to become an origami designer; and so he did. With experience in naval architecture and engineering, he developed his unique techniques to use for his own origami creations. read on to get to know more design secrets from him!
Ekaterina Lukasheva loves origami because it is a puzzle for her to solve. She has many original models, most of which are kusudamas, her favorite. She will be the Guest of Honor at the December 2014 CDO convention.
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by Wendy Zeichner
The "Surface to Structure: Folded Forms" exhibit held at The Cooper Union was a win-win for origami and a new curator, student Uyen Nguyen.
Unlike her models, Anja is petite only on the outside. She tells us about her bold steps to become a professional origami artist, and her special ability to fold a 18 mm square into a rat. You can also read my attempt to fold miniatures under Anja's guidance, a unique experience I totally failed.
Francesco Mancini is easy to spot. Just look for the smile hovering above you, and the best looking modular that accompanies it. From Italy, Mancini is answering my questions to let you get to know him better.
Christiane Bettens, known in the virtual sphere as Mélisande, is a unique person and folder who prefers the less traveled path, exploring the field of tessellations, quilts, boxes, and geometric models.
There are too few origami artists who decide to make their living out of folded paper. One of them is Mark Bolitho, whom I met in Saragossa as one of the BOS representatives in the first European Congress. This is a story of a man who took a bold step to follow his heart!
Modern life and technology modify our world, making it smaller. One of the communities that was born in a virtual environment is flickr, a photo sharing site. That is where I got to know Dáša Ševerová, one of the rising stars in the tessellation and stars field.
Imagine a creator who dedicates his time and talent to only one subject, for example only roses. What could make an artist narrow the scope of his work so much? Naomiki Sato reveals some secrets to help you know him better and perhaps understand how his origami mind works.
An interview with paper artist Hilli Zenz, who also paints paper to produce unique origami models
The art work of Víctor Coeurjoly reminds me of that of Salvador Dali, no less. To get to know him better, read his answers in this short and sharp interview. You could also try your hands with one of his models!
Liliana Badillo interviewed Sara Adams, who is probably best known for her instructional origami videos.
Liliana Badillo spoke about many interesting things with Tom Hull, such as his experience in designing modular origami, his inspiration, and the way he uses origami for teaching mathematics.
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by Wendy Zeichner
An interview with two pioneers of modular woven polypolyhedra.