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Issue 43, November-December, 2017

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How to use photographs and Inkscape to quickly and easily create origami diagrams.
by Nobuko Okabe
Nobuko Okabe presents a spinner made from one square.
For those folks who select travel destinations based upon the existence of origami groups, you now can add Benin to your list of destinations.
In the first part we answered the When, Where, What and Who. This time we go deeper into the two biggest issues: the budget and the program.
Francesco Mancini offers another simple Santa Claus in time for Christmas.
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My origami journey so far, as I celebrate two milestones - 20 years of my online presence and 10 years publishing books. Also find photo instructions for folding Pentas, one of my latest designs.
Alessandro Beber presents us with a simple origami version of the Penrose triangle: "impossibility in its purest form."
Viviane Berty describes the inner joy of origami design and the beauty of origami designs that gives prominence to the paper and its texture.
by Charlene Morrow
OrigamiUSA Board member and educator Charlene Morrow reviews a book by Tung Ken Lam and Sue Pope, two experienced British teachers of origami and mathematics.
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Paula Versnick's beautiful Fern Leaf design from year 2000 definitely is worth a revisit. The leaf naturally takes a curved shape which gives it an organic look.