Issue 43, November-December, 2017

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How to use photographs and Inkscape to quickly and easily create origami diagrams.
by Nobuko Okabe
Nobuko Okabe presents a spinner made from one square.
For those folks who select travel destinations based upon the existence of origami groups, you now can add Benin to your list of destinations.
In the first part we answered the When, Where, What and Who. This time we go deeper into the two biggest issues: the budget and the program.
Francesco Mancini offers another simple Santa Claus in time for Christmas.
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My origami journey so far, as I celebrate two milestones - 20 years of my online presence and 10 years publishing books. Also find photo instructions for folding Pentas, one of my latest designs.
Alessandro Beber presents us with a simple origami version of the Penrose triangle: "impossibility in its purest form."
Viviane Berty describes the inner joy of origami design and the beauty of origami designs that gives prominence to the paper and its texture.
by Charlene Morrow
OrigamiUSA Board member and educator Charlene Morrow reviews a book by Tung Ken Lam and Sue Pope, two experienced British teachers of origami and mathematics.
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Paula Versnick's beautiful Fern Leaf design from year 2000 definitely is worth a revisit. The leaf naturally takes a curved shape which gives it an organic look.

Issue 42, September-October, 2017

The Japan Information & Culture Center (JICC) celebrates World Origami Days (WOD) with an exhibition, Unfolding the Universe (6 September–27 October, 2017) and a guest lecture by Erik Demaine.
Winnie Leung provides instructions for building a steam engine and offers to equip you with the necessary paper tickets.
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by Joanna Sobczyk, diagrams by Adam Szewczyk
Diagrams for a beautiful fractal flower from a hexagon with color change. A very advance design for someone who has only been folding since 2013.
If you enjoy a relaxed, informal approach to conventions – and speak Polish – you may wish to join the next Polish Origami Society Convention.
Should you visit San Diego, CA, on the first Saturday of each month, you can join the meeting of the Greater San Diego Origami Group.
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by Meenakshi Mukerji
Diagrams for a 30 unit modular with color-changed five petaled flowers. For four petaled flowers assemble 12 units.
Once again, the simple process of asking ten questions reveals the true identity of a designer, who in this case still is not sure if he is one. For me, the most interesting phase is just before you are brave enough to define yourself as an artist. Read more to see if you can notice this thin line.
Paolo Bascetta presents us with one of his favorite modular designs.
Kate Lukasheva offers a very interesting Q&A on pre-scoring machines.
by Andrew Hudson
Here are diagrams of a very cute cat by Andrew Hudson.
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A report of the 34th CDO Convention, held 8-11 December 2016 at The Grand Hotel Terme Astro, Tabiano Bagni, Province of Parma, Italy.

Issue 41, July-August, 2017

Here is an article on Eric Vigier's experience in teaching a daily after-school origami class.
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by Usman Rosyidhi
Diagrams for the Rose Quilt, by Usman Rosyidhi, from Indonesia.
This seventh origami book by Meenakshi Mukerji includes models from three vastly different areas of origami: single-sheet designs, tessellations, and modulars.
Using a right angle triangle, Reza creates a simple and lovely dinosaur.
by Ilan Garibi
The genesis and execution of the Convention for Creators, held in Lyon, France, in July, 2017.
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Here is Distorta2016 by Alessandro Beber.
If you visit Indonesia, you will have a number of origami groups to visit, as described by Linda Lookman Marlina.

Issue 40, May-June, 2017

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Wearable headgear inspired by Pope Francis' 2015 Washington, DC visit.
Once again, Reza Sarvi is recreating a historic site form ancient Persia, using paper only!
Ever wonder what should happen to ensure a successful convention? Here I will try to describe what we, in ORIGAMISRAEL, did, to organize a convention from scratch. It is the result of my experience from organizing four and participating in 15 conventions around the world.
by Usman Rosyidhi
Diagrams for the Sturoyya Star, by Usman Rosyidhi, from Indonesia.
For your enjoyment, here are photos from a small exhibition of Tomoko Fuse's art at the Tsunagu Gallery in Tokyo.

Issue 39, March-April, 2017

Here is a creator who knows exactly what she loves to do. In an area that seems extremely narrow, Rebecca stretches its borders to the horizons, and creates many variations on a single theme – pots.
Francesco Mancini offers us a simple tulip to fold for spring and discusses how he and Gay Merrill Gross were inspired independently to create the same model.
Here are some crease patterns for a number of Alessandro Beber's beautiful high intermediate creations.
This book highlights 25 origami artists, presenting their journey, accompanied by great photographs of their stunning work.
A quick comparison of video tutorials from 2007 to 2017 on the example of an origami rabbit designed by Jun Maekawa, and a hydrangea designed by Shuzo Fujimoto
Here are diagrams for a cat by Eric Vigier, for you to modify using your imagination.
Enjoy a few photos from Chimei Museum's exhibition Origami Universe, presented by curators extraordinaire Bernie Peyton and Uyen Ngyuen.
by Marge Hofknecht and Susan Wettling
For those planning a trip to Tennessee, perhaps you now can detour to Crossville and pop in to fold with the Plateau Origami People and continue east to fold with the OK folks.
by Yuri Murgia and Luca Congia
Easy origami of a Yellow Bird from a popular mobile game series. The creator of this model, Yuri Muriga, is a seven year old boy.

Issue 38, January-February, 2017

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By Lisa Nguyen Quang Do
Diagrams for a Yale-type cylinder lock key from a rectangle of paper, by Lisa Nguyen Quang Do.
Daniel Chang's origami is totally free from any references, and the paper to him is more like clay than a surface to grid first. As always, ten questions to reveal the way Daniel creates his paper (and more) sculptures.
Diagrams for an origami book design that can be modified to provide arbitrarily many pages.
by Jack Gibson
Jack Gibson shares his 50 years of experience in organizing and storing his origami models.
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A fun filled convention paired with the Day of the Dead festivities makes it an unique experience. The sightseeing is an absolute must for immersing yourself in ancient and modern history all at once.
From ancient Persia, the Bull Capital is remade by folding.
Continuing our spotlight of Community Origami Groups, we take a look at a group down under!
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Diagrams for a rooster by Giang Dinh in honor of the 2017 Lunar New Year!