The Japan Information & Culture Center (JICC) celebrates World Origami Days (WOD) with an exhibition, Unfolding the Universe (6 September–27 October, 2017) and a guest lecture by Erik Demaine.
Winnie Leung provides instructions for building a steam engine and offers to equip you with the necessary paper tickets.
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by Joanna Sobczyk, diagrams by Adam Szewczyk
Diagrams for a beautiful fractal flower from a hexagon with color change. A very advance design for someone who has only been folding since 2013.
If you enjoy a relaxed, informal approach to conventions – and speak Polish – you may wish to join the next Polish Origami Society Convention.
Should you visit San Diego, CA, on the first Saturday of each month, you can join the meeting of the Greater San Diego Origami Group.
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by Meenakshi Mukerji
Diagrams for a 30 unit modular with color-changed five petaled flowers. For four petaled flowers assemble 12 units.
Once again, the simple process of asking ten questions reveals the true identity of a designer, who in this case still is not sure if he is one. For me, the most interesting phase is just before you are brave enough to define yourself as an artist. Read more to see if you can notice this thin line.
Paolo Bascetta presents us with one of his favorite modular designs.
Kate Lukasheva offers a very interesting Q&A on pre-scoring machines.
by Andrew Hudson
Here are diagrams of a very cute cat by Andrew Hudson.
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A report of the 34th CDO Convention, held 8-11 December 2016 at The Grand Hotel Terme Astro, Tabiano Bagni, Province of Parma, Italy.