A stunning modular rose with not a twist fold to be found.
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by Mahyar Hossien Khani
An ingenious combination of two origami forms.
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This hummingbird starts with a stretched bird base and offers many sculptural possibilities.
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How folders in Birmingham England found success at meeting online with a little help from OrigamiUSA.
This is an update of a previous The Fold article that listed 14+ house and heart models in April 2020.
Diagrams for two house and heart models with a color-changed roof and hearts.
by Nobuko Okabe
You'll need 8 squares to fold one of 12 variations of this versatile, modular star.
A masked smiley face ... a sign of our times!
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By Shriram Patki
This design of an elephant in motion represents the animal’s massiveness and power.
by Miyuki Kawamura
The conical modules of this kusudama come together to form color-change stars. The model works with 12 or 30 pieces.
Grab 8 squares to start folding this wonderful modular star.
by Christiane Bettens (Mélisande)
A tato — created to honor healthcare workers — that can be transformed into a twist box with a few additional folds.
Design and text by Sampreet Manna, vectorized diagrams by Sara Adams
Diagrams for a house and heart model. This house even includes two windows and a door.
Diagrams for a marvelously natural-looking Sand Dollar folded from a circle.
Another house and heart design. This one can double as a corner bookmark.
by Rochelle Mazze
The story of a Minnesota nonprofit that uses origami and other arts and crafts to to engage and delight children.
Design and diagrams by Meenakshi Mukerji, text by Sara Adams
Learn to fold Clover Heart 3, the third in a series of designs by Meenakshi Mukerji.
This storygami model was created for a wedding. In the end, a heart in a house is revealed when the model is held against the light.
An easy-to-fold and fun-to-spin top based on the traditional Fortune Teller.
A heart and home model that’s more challenging than most, accompanied by an instructional video.