Learn about these delightful monthly folding meetings hosted by Gerardo Gacharná via Zoom, of course.
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How folders in Birmingham England found success at meeting online with a little help from OrigamiUSA.
Should you travel to Hong Kong, you now have another origami group ready to welcome you: the Hong Kong – New Territories – Origami Group.
Rosamond, CA's loss is Prescott, AZ's gain. Prescott now hosts an origami group called PrOF (Prescott Origami Fanatics), with Chila Caldera as leader, aided by Lolly Skinner and Sue Kimball.
When you visit New York City, you will have ample opportunity to fold with OMG-NYC.
For those folks who select travel destinations based upon the existence of origami groups, you now can add Benin to your list of destinations.
Should you visit San Diego, CA, on the first Saturday of each month, you can join the meeting of the Greater San Diego Origami Group.
If you visit Indonesia, you will have a number of origami groups to visit, as described by Linda Lookman Marlina.
by Marge Hofknecht and Susan Wettling
For those planning a trip to Tennessee, perhaps you now can detour to Crossville and pop in to fold with the Plateau Origami People and continue east to fold with the OK folks.
Continuing our spotlight of Community Origami Groups, we take a look at a group down under!
Makoto Yamaguchi introduces us to a relatively new organization, the International Collegiate Origami Association (ICOA).
Meet a new community origami group located on the north side of Chicago started by June Yamasaki.
by Gay Merrill Gross, Mary Jane Manger, and Mark Kennedy
In this article, Gay Merrill Gross, Mary Jane Manger, and Mark Kennedy share their memories of attending folding sessions at Lillian Oppenheimer's house – Lillian, who started it all.
You are welcome to join the Greater Philadelphia Pholders (GP^3) the first Monday of each month and/or during the quarterly meeting on Saturday in Philadelphia's Chinatown.
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A brief history of origami as a therapy tool along with personal experiences of folding for rehabilitation.
by Patricia Grodner
This is the first in a series of articles highlighting Community Origami Groups (COGs). This spotlight focuses on AOS, the Albuquerque Origami Society.