Happenings at last year’s Colombian convention.
Learn about a series of free online classes to get you started with tessellations.
The joy of Santa and the good wishes of the crane, all from a single sheet of paper.
The author recaptures a tiny piece of childhood with this design.
by Arsalan Wares
Decorate your own paper, or print Arsalan’s designs, but do fold this box!
by Arsalan Wares
A deep, square box along with some math.
A cherry blossom with a built-in star.
by Takeshi Tatsumi, Hanna Suzuki, Yuto Yashiro and Misaki Tatsumi
The journey of young origami enthusiasts to reach the pinnacle of an international science and technology event.
by Govind Kulkarni, with text and diagrams by Hans Dybkjær
Two different folding sequences to arrive at almost the same box.
by Arsalan Wares
The Minimalist’s Box is surprisingly easy to fold.
How to fold a mathematically exact pentagon from a square.
by Arsalan Wares
A hexagonal box, some printable papers and some math.
by Arsalan Wares
The author shows how a modular origami box with a square base can be made from four rectangular sheets plus a template. He also discusses some mathematics in the context of the constructed box.
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A biodegradable painting on the U.N. lawn shows a dove and other origami models.
by Arsalan Wares
A sturdy modular box and the mathematics behind it.
A two-piece icosahedron that’s a gift box and an ornament.
A card that pops open to reveal a message of love and gratitude.
A gift box that pops open in the most delightful way.
A box that opens with a pull and springs closed ... along with a variation.
Photo diagrams and an instructional video of this adorable baby penguin offer a challenging and satisfying folding experience for seasoned folders.
by Alireza Mohammadsalehi (Mesra')
A dog with lots of personality that can stand or be glued to a card.
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Michael La Fosse named this splendid butterfly for Wendy Zeichner, the CEO of OrigamiUSA, in appreciation of her work as an origami ambassador.
This is an update of a previous The Fold article that listed 14+ house and heart models in April 2020.
A heart and home model that’s more challenging than most, accompanied by an instructional video.
In the spirit of the #stayhome initiative, a popular origami theme has been the combination of a house and a heart. Here is an overview of such models.
Another heart with a house inside. This version even has a chimney.
Learn how to fold a heart decorated with a clover. Or take it a step further and fold the clover into Shuzo Fujimoto’s hydrangea.
Learn how to fold this standing house with heart by downloading diagrams or watching a video tutorial.
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A harmful hazard warning sign that makes good use of the color change technique.
Learn how to fold this cute winter model by downloading the diagrams or watching a video tutorial.
by Jane Rosemarin
These four stars from one basic design were created to pop in an envelope and mail.
Fold a witch hat bookmark for Halloween, and when the holiday is over, find some paper with a star pattern and make a wizard hat.
by David Shall
With Easter just around the corner, it's the perfect season to fold this rabbit designed by David Shall.
Son Linh NGUYEN offers us three pig models in our continuing celebration of the Year of the Pig.
In celebration of Chinese New Year 2019, here are instructions on how to fold a cute pig from half a square
In anticipation of the Year of the Pig/Boar, Leyla Torres presents us with an Origami Pig and Candy Box and explains how she changed a cat into a pig.
Here's a special Halloween treat: A standing witch folded from a single sheet of paper
by Richard Alexander, diagrams by Michael LaFosse
Not only does Richard Alexander share his diagrams for Kanji the Dog, but he and Michael LaFosse also present us with an instructional video and a printout of Kanji you can fold to celebrate Lunar New Year of the Dog!
Dave shares with us the history of how his foxhound design came about in 1975. The article also includes a video tutorial and diagrams for a running and sitting version of the dog respectively.
In the Lunar calendar, February 16, 2018 launches the Year of the Dog (2/16/18 – 2/4/19). So let's fold some origami dogs. Here's a selection of video tutorials perfect for the occasion. Note: If you are turning 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108, this is your year!
A quick comparison of video tutorials from 2007 to 2017 on the example of an origami rabbit designed by Jun Maekawa, and a hydrangea designed by Shuzo Fujimoto
by Jane Rosemarin (MN)
Ioana Stoian's second book again proves the beauty of simplicity. The models included are a mix of her own designs, that of others, and traditional ones.
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by Hans Dybkjær
This article tells the tale of the higher spheres of oranges and apples: How I got there, and how to make them.
The first in a series on origami diagramming, this video focus on using Inkscape, a free vector drawing program, to draw origami crease patterns precisely.
The 2014 Convention Monday Newsletter, bringing the convention to you!
The 2014 Convention Sunday Newsletter, bringing the convention to you!
The 2014 Convention Saturday Newsletter, bringing the convention to you!
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Diagrams and video for a 6 piece modular star by Maria Sinayskaya.
Diagrams for a modular star "Hilli" by Klaus-Dieter Ennen, as well as video instructions by Sara Adams
by Talo Kawasaki and Sara Adams
This action model is great for Halloween - and it's a double action: the bat flaps its wings, and produces quite some noise!
Tessellations have become increasingly popular in origami. But it's not always easy to get started. This article introduces some videos that can help you on the way.
Tomoko Fuse's newest book is exquisite and all about spirals!
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by Leyla Torres
This article presents diagrams and a video for folding a pre-Colombian frog.
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Crease patterns and video for two modular tree units with variations.
This last article in my video creation guide concentrates on three final tasks: adding subtitles, making your video available to others, and finally, advertising your video.
In this next article of my video creation guide we'll bring it all together by editing the recorded, raw material to create the final video.
Diagrams and video tutorial for a color-change box modular.
This article presents different ideas on how to publicize origami books online. These tips are useful for authors, but can partly also be applied by origami enthusiasts wishing to support creators - and thus ensure books continue to be published.
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By Toshikazu Kawasaki
Crease pattern for Toshikazu Kawasaki's Dragon inspired by a statue in Barcelona. OrigamiUSA members have contributed diagrams and a video tutorial for this model as well.
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Report from the Oversized Folding event from convention 2011.
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Videos from the annual NY OrigamiUSA Convention 2011.
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A challenge to fold a cat out of a chopstick wrapper during the 2011 OrigamiUSA convention.
This article gives some guidelines to follow when recording an instructional video.
Jiahui Li presents photo diagrams, a video tutorial and design insights behind one of his latest creations, a cockateil.
Course information for an MIT graduate course in Geometric Folding Algorithms.
This article will describe how to best prepare yourself and your recording area for your video shoot.
This article gives a nice overview of the types of tessellations there are, and how to create one yourself.
This article compares the advantages and disadvantages of PDF diagrams and video instructions. It includes PDF and video diagrams for the models "Lovers Ring" by Francis Ow, and "Will you be my Valentine?" by Stacy Mannes.
Why you should ask for permission when making video diagrams? And how do I go about it? I'll try to answer these two questions in this article.
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Crease pattern, diagrams, and design notes for a convertible created for a car design challenge.
Instructional origami videos are becoming more and more popular. But how are high-quality videos produced? This is the first of a series of articles that will give a comprehensive guide on what it takes.