Issue 81, March–April 2024

by Baruch Sienna
A yearlong quest to fold 100 elephants ... and to learn the skills required.
Cute models that will appeal to children and those who fold for them.
An admirer of snakes designed this 84-step rattler that has good sculptural possibilities.
A nifty module that can be arranged in numerous ways.
An easy-to-fold origami toy.
The origami version of a classic wooden puzzle is easier to fold than solve.

Issue 80, January–February 2024

Another lovely brooch along with an easy way to fold and cut an octagon from a square.
A new series of instructional videos to get you started with tessellations ... or to fold just for fun.
A cute little dragon for the new year. Surprisingly, It grew out of two older Santa designs.
A celebration wreath folded from eight squares.
Read about the winners of the 2023 award and take a glimpse at their work.
Two decorative designs that are satisfying to fold.
by Roman Gorelik and Lev Gorelik
Several elegant locks and the possibility of variations distinguish this delightful fish.