Issue 55, November–December, 2019

Learn how to fold this cute winter model by downloading the diagrams or watching a video tutorial.
Just like her motto, "Modulars are symbolic for ‘connections’ (in all senses)," José connects to many people through origami with her beautiful modulars. Practicing origami for more then 40 years, she begins her story at a Fröbel school and brings it to the present with Facebook.
The Swift Ring is easy to fold, and it works well as a decoration or as jewelry.
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A Fujimoto-inspired poinsettia with leaves looks great in red-green duo paper, but you could use green paper with a white back to fold a rare white poinsettia.
by Jane Rosemarin
These four stars from one basic design were created to pop in an envelope and mail.
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by Linda Marlina Lookman
Diagrams for a butterfly with heart-shaped wings and a distinctive folding sequence.
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Fold a decorative turkey for each of your holiday guests: You may find it hard to stop at one.
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by Usman Rosyidhi
The Asturo Star is a new modular by the Indonesian designer Usman Rosyidhi. It's an elegant model that's easy to fold and assemble.

Issue 54, September–October, 2019

by Jane Rosemarin
What's in issue 54 of The Fold, and who is the new editor? You'll also find diagrams for her favorite origami design.
by Michael Schlossberg
Michael Schlossberg has created an ingenious crossword that morphs into a butterfly ... if you solve the puzzle correctly and follow his diagrams. Look for another of Michael’s puzzles in the New York Times sometime in the next few months.
Fold a witch hat bookmark for Halloween, and when the holiday is over, find some paper with a star pattern and make a wizard hat.
It is strange to find a younger, probably better, version of yourself. Michał is highly prolific in a rare genre of origami — tessellation. As always, this is a story about creation, revealed in nine questions that unveil the workings of this origami designer.
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by Susan Allardice
How a longtime folder gave an origami-themed birthday party for her grandson, with ideas you can use.

Issue 53, July-August, 2019

Sy Chen offers us an easy-to-fold flying bird card.
We are used to praising the creator, but not this time! Read nine answers from Russian Aleksandr Timoshik to understand how he won the 8th International Origami Internet Olympiad.
by Andrey Ermakov, Ilan Garibi, Dzmitry Lysiuk, Peter Stein, Yaroslav Terehov
The IOIO is one of the largest international origami events in the world. If you want to understand what makes 550 contestants from 57 countries so excited, read along!

Issue 52, May-June, 2019

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Xiaoxian Huang shares with us a model that can serve as a wallet or a gift envelope.
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Diagrams for a stylized tropical leaf.
by Gay Merrill Gross
Gay Merrill Gross shares a lovely tribute to Linda Bogan, who epitomizes the concept of origami is for sharing.
Yara Yagi continues our celebration of the Year of the Pig with her fantastical flying pig.
by Divya Iyer
I am sharing my fun experience at a Meet and Greet the Artist event at a local library to encourage others to participate at such events to spread the joy of origami.

Issue 51, March-April, 2019

by David Shall
With Easter just around the corner, it's the perfect season to fold this rabbit designed by David Shall.
How can you combine a convention in Italy with a convention in Mexico that are scheduled two weeks apart? Ilan Garibi explains.
by Matthew Wong
A piggy bank model from Hong Kong folder Matthew Wong.
For those of us who may not be familiar with Miguel de Unamuno, Patrick Maynard presents an intriguing look at a noted Spanish scholar and his love for his pajarita.
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Diagrams for a flower folded from a hexagon. Like many polygonal designs, the flower can also be transposed to pentagons, heptagons, and octagons. Also includes how to fold a hexagon from a square.
Eric Vigier shares his methods for wet folding and presents a model and diagrams for practice.
Son Linh NGUYEN offers us three pig models in our continuing celebration of the Year of the Pig.
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Viviane Berty shares the diagrams for her nymphéa (water lily).
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by Craig Hunter
Diagrams for Fish Hook Module with details of how to build a cube and an octahedron. The modules are edge modules, and most polyhedra can be built, except those that have five or more edges meeting at a vertex.
James Peake shares his fond and lasting memories of Laura Kruskal (1923-2019).

Issue 50, January-February, 2019

Yara Yagi presents us with a detailed review of Ilan Garibi's latest book, Origami Tessellations for Everyone.
As we continue to celebrate The Year of the Pig, Edwin Corrie shares with us four of his pig models.
Viviane Berty shares her reminiscences of her participation as special guest at the 2018 OrigamiUSA Convention.
Leyla Torres offers a loving and beautiful tribute to Laura Kruskal.
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Diagrams for four cleverly nested hearts with color change. From a single square sheet of duo paper.
I present to you one of the top origami artists in Israel. Ben has been designing for the last seven years, and the ease of his approach will make you say "I can do it as well!". As always, nine questions, nine images, and a Daffodil diagram!
by Laura Rozenberg
This research challenges the widely accepted idea that Akira Yoshizawa was the originator of the origami notation system. However, while he did not create any of the basic components, he did contribute to its improvement resulting in an elegant, yet technically rigorous system.
Should you travel to Hong Kong, you now have another origami group ready to welcome you: the Hong Kong – New Territories – Origami Group.
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Ralph Jones
Diagrams/CP for a delightful triple heart with color change from a 2:1 rectangle of duo paper.
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With the Year of the Dog ending and with the Year of the Boar beginning, we remember that Valentine's Day is fast approaching. To help us celebrate, Meenakshi Mukerji shares with us three simple heart models.
In celebration of Chinese New Year 2019, here are instructions on how to fold a cute pig from half a square
In anticipation of the Year of the Pig/Boar, Leyla Torres presents us with an Origami Pig and Candy Box and explains how she changed a cat into a pig.
To welcome the Year of the Pig/Boar (February 5, 2019), Xiaoxian Huang created a Piggy's Face for us.
Marc Vigo, the fourth musketeer of the OAS (Origami Always Succeed) group, is offering his design of a Porc Senglar (wild boar) in celebration of Lunar New Year of the Pig/Boar.
The title is "Counting Wings", but the diagrams are for a dog by Beth Johnson to usher out the Year of the Dog. Read the lovely text to understand the meaning of the title and to gain some insight into Beth's design approach.
by Christine Edison
The Year of the Boar is just around the corner, but we still are in the Year of the Dog. To help usher out the Dog, Christine Edison shares her model of The Bulldog Bookmark.