A Santa that can stand on his own or be curved into a finger puppet.
A holiday cookie along with a printable PDF of the paper.
A simple Santa with many variations.
A star that highlights the squash fold, Anita’s favorite.
Design by Mark Bolitho, artwork by Paul Hanson
A simple, elegant tree designed by the late Mark Bolitho, with cartoon diagrams by Paul Hanson.
A star that folds flat but expands when removed from an envelope.
A creature from Greek mythology with pleated detailing.
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A decorative four-piece modular that’s simple to fold.
This installment explores the many way to execute a blintz fold.
by Arsalan Wares
The author shows how a modular origami box with a square base can be made from four rectangular sheets plus a template. He also discusses some mathematics in the context of the constructed box.