by Jane Rosemarin
What's in issue 54 of The Fold, and who is the new editor? You'll also find diagrams for her favorite origami design.
by Michael Schlossberg
Michael Schlossberg has created an ingenious crossword that morphs into a butterfly ... if you solve the puzzle correctly and follow his diagrams. Look for another of Michael’s puzzles in the New York Times sometime in the next few months.
Fold a witch hat bookmark for Halloween, and when the holiday is over, find some paper with a star pattern and make a wizard hat.
It is strange to find a younger, probably better, version of yourself. Michał is highly prolific in a rare genre of origami — tessellation. As always, this is a story about creation, revealed in nine questions that unveil the workings of this origami designer.
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by Susan Allardice
How a longtime folder gave an origami-themed birthday party for her grandson, with ideas you can use.