In the spirit of the #stayhome initiative, a popular origami theme has been the combination of a house and a heart. Here is an overview of such models.
Another heart with a house inside. This version even has a chimney.
An attractive box that makes good use of both sides of the paper and is easy to fold.
An elegant pomegranate that starts life as a triangle.
Learn how to fold a heart decorated with a clover. Or take it a step further and fold the clover into Shuzo Fujimoto’s hydrangea.
A box with a raised square — or a heart — on top. It was inspired by Thoki Yenn's Crossed Box Pleat.
Another lovely variation on the heart and home theme, this time by Reza Sarvi from Iran.
Learn how to fold this standing house with heart by downloading diagrams or watching a video tutorial.
Learn how to fold this simple house with a heart by downloading diagrams.
Nothing is known about the construction of the Great Sphinx of Giza, but you can construct your own sphinx out of paper, thanks to Anita Barbour.
A cheerful rodent that seems to have been caught mid-jump.
This flipper alternates between a man and a fish in two color combinations. Sy provides us with a story, but you can invent your own.
by Jane Rosemarin
Here's a little-known traditional lily that starts from a bird base, along with a newly-designed, simple lily leaf.