I started this group in January 2016 to provide another opportunity for Chicago-area folders to meet on a regular basis. Although there already was an established origami group, CHAOS (Chicago Area Origami Society), which meets on the southwest side of the city, I wanted to have something for those of us who live on the north end of the city, and this town is certainly big enough for two groups! Our Northside group meets every fourth Saturday of the month, so as not to conflict with CHAOS meetings, which are help every second Saturday. Currently between eight to ten people attend our meetings regularly. We meet from 1 – 4pm at the Japanese American Service Committee (JASC), which is an ideal place, because this non-profit organization promotes Japanese culture in the Chicago community through various classes and programs.

Chicago Northside Origami Group

There is a nominal facility fee of $5.00 per folder (which goes toward JASC programs and services), and we welcome folders of any age and ability. However, children younger than ten years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. There is some overlap with CHAOS members, and it’s nice to know people can now double their monthly folding fun. We are very informal. It’s BYOP (Bring Your Own Paper) and any models and books you would like to share. People are free to do their own thing, whether it’s working on a personal project or teaching a beginner some basic models. We all enjoy sharing models with each other, and everyone can learn something new at each session. Come join us the next time you're on the north side of Chicago on the fourth Saturday!