Edited by Jason Ku

OrigamiUSA has been holding origami conventions for nearly 50 years. Our annual convention in New York City has grown to be the largest gathering in the world of origami enthusiasts and is a fantastic venue to see what other people are doing in origami, learn the latest models, get supplies, and meet folders like you! We know that much of our membership is unable to participate in convention. This year, OrigamiUSA member Sok Song had a fantastic idea to help us bring convention to everyone! This is the first installment of the daily fold, our new convention newsletter, which will be distributed in print during convention, and downloadable for free right here!

Inside this issue, find biographies of our special guests; photos of registration, volunteers, and the model menu; information for The Source, the oversized folding competition, first timers, and PCOC 2013; and diagrams for a special convention model sponsored by Creased magazine. Click here or on any image for a PDF of the newsletter. We hope you enjoy!