Edited by Jason Ku

This is the final 2012 installment of the daily fold, our new convention newsletter. Read here for more information about the newsletter along with the first installment, or here for the second installment of 2012.

Inside this issue, find photos of this year's Oversized Folding Competition, Paper Airplane Contest, Sunday Classes, Mobile Library, Kilts, and diagrams for a special convention model sponsored by Creased magazine.

Oversized Folding Competition

This year's Oversized Folding Competition was a hugely popular event during Sunday night festivities! While we initially announced that we would be limiting the event to 30 teams, due to the high demand to participate we were able to accommodate a staggering 41 teams made possible by the very generous donation of large paper by Set Shop. Below, you can find the list of teams that participated in addition to the categories for which awards were given. Note that this list is somewhat incomplete, so if you have any additional information to contribute to this record, please thefold [at] origamiusa.org (contact us)! Thanks for everyone who participated this year, especially Sok Song who organized the event and Stephanie Kwan who ran logistics, in addition to our esteemed judges: Jean Baden-Gillette, Anne LaVin, Makoto Yamaguchi, Dennis Walker, Elliot Zeichner, and Wendy Zeichner.

Team Name Team Members Model Folded Awards
Team Oink! Alex Gideon, Vivian Cribb, Julia Zee, Aaron Siegelman Scolli Pig Best teamwork
Captain Zimbabwe and the Cabinet Shuffle Nathan Zimet, Jacob Zimet, Jonathan Schneider Rastafarian Jungle Pixie Most bizarre (tie)
Folding Friends Byriah, David Xing, Aaron Pfitzenmaier Odin's Tetrahedra
Cal Origami Chris Itoh, Scott Okamura, Tammy Dong CAL
Team Ricci William Ricci, Barbara Ricci, Luna Jubak, Dave Ricci ?
Team Win Win Uyen Nguyen, Doug Caine Joseph Colonel, Kirsten Nicassio 4-Intersecting Planes (WXYZ)
Mnamnah (do-do-dodo doo) Rowen Pierick, Yury Slabicky, Sam Denison, Ben Fritzson Reef Fish
OrigaMIT (Jason's Minions) Eli Davis, Jenny Ramseyer, Geoff Ramseyer, Chris Perry Star Puff by Eric Gjerde Most complex
Emily Kwan^2 Emily Kwan, Emily Sue Kwan Apple
Ku's your daddy Jason Ku, Mark Tompkins, Erik Degiorgi, Paul Frasco Dragon Whelp Most original
The Winners Garret Hoff, Grant Hoff, Tom and Cheryl Hoff Dragon
Fold A Delic Judy LaPietra, Monica O'Donnell Swan with Attitude
Keeping Up with the Origamians Gay Merrill Gross, Patty Grodner, Huyvoun Lee, Robin Kraut A Media Commentary
The Jackson 3 Michael Assis, Dan Cohen, David Einheber Bowl by Paul Jackson
The Graffiti Artist's Collective Anna Kastlunger, Martin Quinn Spinner by Manpei Arai Best action
Team G Ada Gutierrez, Alex Gutierrez Dragon – Darren Abbey
Action Team Annie Pidel, Tatyana Stemkovski, Vladimir Stemkovski Spring Into Action
Star Crossed Folders Jeannine Mosely, Belle Fernandez, Faye Goldman, Susan Wettling Stellated Rhombic Dodecahedron
Norwood Robot Kyle Ikuma, Aiden Smith Ori-Robo Cutest
Fish & Chips Alexander Soukas, Charles Yee, Esme Cribb, Simone Ver Eecke, Sang Yul Bae Joseph Wu Owl
Inspector Spacetime Matt LaBoone, Lynn Corum Dragon by Robert Neal
Origami Guys Blaise Winkler, Isaac Hargrave Bannana slug by Michael LaFosse Most bizarre (tie)
WTF OMG Lorne Dannenbaum, Wesley Dambo, Linda Yau, Sam Ita, Hugh Appet Wen's Dragon
Rock Jockeys Talo Kawasaki, Oliver, Wenhau Chao, Sharon Yamada Rocking Horse
Rejects Nathan Ascher, Ryan Dong, Seiji Murakami, Henry Dul, Mitch Dul Angry bird Most whimsical
The Samurais Parker Connelly, Cullen Brown, Patrick Connely, Nicholas Andrzcjkiewicz Samurai Helmet
The Folders Dante Castro, Zander Bolgar, Tony Castro One Omega Star
TBC Malachi Brown, Jeans Kober, Rebecca Harris Fujimoto Hydrangea
Salty Dogs Benjamin Levy, Declan Levy, Vishaka Apte, Scott Cramer Automaton Most creative
Tovi and Mum Tovi Wen (aged 9), Rachel Stadlen Flamingo
Awesome Daniel Kwan, Melissa Harkins, Steven Toledo, Tyler Gorda, Leanna Read, Emily Shek Crane – Nicholas Terry
Team International Sipho, Diego, Sejin Park, Won Park Spider on a Leaf Model the judges would most want to learn how to fold
Golden Wings Jonathan Hirschberg, Karen Ong, Jeffrey Yen, Eric Lan, Takuro Kashiwamura Golden Eagle – Robert Lang
Quick, Duck! There's an Elephant! Kayo Kurata, Karen Buse, Doris Asano, Deb Pun Happy Elephant by Yamanashi Most dramatic
Jurassic Paper Travis Mueller, Matthew Green, Kathy Riley Baby Tyrannosarus Rex
Effort Leon Lei, John Lei, Matthew Lei Rose - Kawasaki
New Friends Sunil Dhavalikar, Jim Conti, Christine Firman, Alyssa Firman, Kyle Firman Modular Star
Team Zing John Szinger, Michelle Szinger, Lizzy Szinger Fox
3JS Jennifer Hou, Sarah Hou, Jason Loy, Juston Hairgrove Sea Horse
Mad for Origami Kyuill Jung, Hanon Jhung Puppy
WomBat Hunters Adrian Sack, Beth Johnson Hex Owl

Paper Airplane Contest

This year's Paper Airplane Contest had 25 contestants competing in three categories: Distance, Accuracy to a Target, and Time Aloft. Each plane had to be folded from a single piece of paper without cutting or glue, and no weights or tape were allowed to be added to the plane. Congratulations to first, second, and third place in each category!

Distance Accuracy Time
First Place John Lei (NY) Kyle Firman (NC) Mohammad Khokha (CT)
Second Place Brandon Zee (NY) Cullen Brown (MD) Henry Knoblauch (NY)
Third Place Henry Knoblauch (NY) Brandon Zee (NY) Tai (?)

The Mobile Library

The Mobile Library was a new project run by Anne LaVin and the OrigamiUSA Library Committee to bring books from our reference library for members to browse onsite at convention. Nearly 100 books were brought to convention and were available in a controlled access room, one book at a time for members to peruse. Over 30 convention attendees took advantage of this service and viewed over 100 books. With such a successful pilot program, expect to see an expanded inventory in the future. Start thinking of what books you'd like us to bring next year so we can work to serve you better!

Final Thoughts

Thank you for sharing convention with us through our little newsletter! We hope it will help attendees recall fond memories of convention, and help observers to experience a glimpse into the annual OrigamiUSA NYC Convention. This newsletter was produced entirely by volunteers who spent late nights and their precious convention time taking photos for, formatting, printing, and folding this newsletter. Special thanks to Andrew Cribb and Susan Dugan for their brilliant photography; and especially to Kathryn Wagner for organizing all aspects of the newsletter and making it possible to format and print the newsletter onsite. This newsletter would not have been possible without her tireless efforts!

If you’d like to support OrigamiUSA in not-for-profit projects like this in the future, please consider making a monetary donation, or even better, a donation of your time at the next convention or throughout the year! We exist because of dedicated volunteers like you! To make a financial contribution in support of this publication, please visit the OrigamiUSA donations page, click the Donate button on the right side of the screen, and write "For the daily fold" in the comments box at the bottom of the form.

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