Edited by Jason Ku

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12 Pointed Star

I have created many models by way of variation. Asking "what if?" in the early stages of a model can bring a vast spectrum of interesting results. This is an early design of mine made from 12 units. The unit is simple, and the connection is based on tabs and pockets using only friction to hold it together. It is very easy to find variations that look different; all you need to do is a minor change on an early step.

Square Squared

Starting from a known base or a simple model, I try to find new interpretations and new directions in which to venture. This model came to being from a skewed Waterbomb Base. Once the unit is complete, it is easy to see the potential for a tab and a pocket just by reverse folding one side. Finding variations to the unit was just as simple by adding a fold in the initial stages.

-Ilan Garibi