Edited by Jane Rosemarin
The Popping Heart Postcard folded by Namai Chandra. See PDF diagrams.

My Origami Popping Heart Postcard is a fun design that can be used to relay heartfelt messages of love and gratitude written on a slip of paper placed inside the model. It’s an origami postcard wrapped in love that makes the heart swell with joy. Hence the name Popping Heart Postcard.

This is an origami action model made from two sheets of equal size. On the back, when we pull the opposite flaps, there is a pocket to insert a slip of paper or a letter. On the front, we can attach the separate heart piece, and when we again pull the flaps, the paper falls, and the heart pops out and detaches.

If you are a visual learner, see the video below.

You can find my YouTube channel here.

Namai teaches his Popping Heart Postcard in this video.