Edited by Jane Rosemarin
The Spindle Spinning Top. Photo and folding by Grace Matthews. See PDF diagrams. And see the video below.

There is something special about making paper spinning tops that recaptures a tiny piece of childhood for me and hopefully for you. The model will be familiar to those who participated in the Origami Christmas Book from last year as I used the model for the front cover, turning it into a little Christmas tree.

This is an intermediate design and a true pleasure to fold, with three stopping points along the way and a second spinning top variation that inverts the original model, for those who want to keep folding. The diagram consists of 10 steps. The Star Spinner variation consists of a further three steps.

Along the way, you will fold a beautiful, open two-colored bowl at step 7, an equilateral square pyramid at step 8, and finally, with a little twist, the Spindle spinning top. If you choose to go further, you will have the galaxy in the palm of your hand with the Star Spinner. I hope you enjoy this model as much as I have.

The Spindle Spinning Top with variations. The bowl formed at step 7 is at the lower left. The basic top is to the right of it, and variations are above. Photo and folding by Grace Matthews.

The Video