Edited by Jane Rosemarin
The Swirl Hydrangea Box and the Mount Fuji Box variation. See PDF diagrams.

My name is Jannie van Schuylenburg, from the Netherlands. I love many types of handicraft, but origami is my first love. My aunt folded with me when I was six years old, and so began my love for paper and origami. Thirty years ago, I became an origami teacher. I like teaching origami, and just now, with all the online possibilities, it is especially great to do so.

I love to design my own models and to see what I can do with paper. Playing with paper is so nice, and several of my models were discovered that way. But I also like to design based on what I see in my mind, figuring out how I can get there. Over the years, there have been several books published with my name on them in The Netherlands, Germany and England. A few are no longer available.

In April 2015, I wanted to make a box with a flower, and the Hydrangea Box was the result. In this model, both the folding and locking are easy. The box is nice for holding a little sweet or a chocolate bonbon.

If you twist the top further, you can make a pyramid box, and if you use paper that’s colored on one side and white on the other, it looks like Mount Fuji. With both sides green, you can make a Christmas tree. Attach a star to the top with a thin sewing pin or a toothpick, and it looks great. The Christmas tree variation was discovered by Leyla Torres.

I recommend double-sided origami paper or paper 80 gms in weight and 15x15 cm in size. Thicker paper is also good to use (especially for larger boxes) but a little bit harder to fold. I’ve also used braille paper for these boxes. They looks lovely with the relief in the paper.

Enjoy folding, and warm origami greetings from Jannie!

Top view of the box, folded by Jane Rosemarin. Rubber stamp by Dawn Erickson.
Leyla Torres of Origami Spirit made an instructional video of the Hydrangea and Mount Fuji versions of the box. The Christmas tree variation, also demonstrated, was invented by Leyla.