Edited by Jane Rosemarin
Wrapped With a Bow is an origami container that is easy for anyone to open — and close again. See PDF diagrams.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, I am sharing the diagrams for my gift box, Wrapped With a Bow.

Last year at the end of April, I initially designed this model:

I then promptly taught my rather clunky version to my very patient online class. I highly recommend teaching origami to anyone who is interested in creating their own models and/or diagramming. Not only is teaching rewarding in its own right, but it can also reveal surprises.

That very first class taught me how to open the box I had created.

Over time, I refined the unwieldy parts of the model and streamlined the folding sequence.

Please enjoy the end results of this Wrapped with a Bow gift box.

Grace’s video tutorial on Instagram.