by Christiane Bettens (Mélisande)
Edited by Jane Rosemarin
A Blue Cross Tato-Box folded by Mélisande.
I've been folding and designing tato boxes for years. It’s a pleasant and relaxing activity. In these difficult times, I've dedicated the Blue Cross Tato-Box to all the people working in and around healthcare (I’m actually one of them). For essential workers in other fields, I refolded the model in various colors:

Blue: healthcare;
Red: authorities and public services (the colors of the Swiss flag);
Orange: food production and shops. Coop and Migros — our supermarket chains — both use orange as their corporate color;
Black: phone, internet and utility services.

Tato Boxes in colors representing (from left) healthcare, the Swiss Flag, food production and shops, and utilities. See PDF diagrams.

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