Edited by Jane Rosemarin
The box made with opposite sides of the paper out.

I have always been fond of geometric designs, and I like doodling and improvising with paper, which has led to my discovering many unexpected origami models. This simple box is one of my earliest designs. I particularly like this box because designing the lock mechanism of a box is a bit tricky, and I very much like how this one turned out. The model is also quite efficient in its use of paper.

This simple box is a quite important model for me, personally. It is the first of my designs to have been diagrammed and published — back in 2013. My friend Marzie Asaadi diagrammed the model, originally in black and white. Seeing my model being diagrammed, I started learning more about diagramming, and since then, I have been professionally diagramming my designs as well as collaborating with other origami artists to diagram their models. The work lead to our project/website called Origamify.net.

Have fun folding this box! See PDF diagrams.