Edited by Jane Rosemarin
The two sides of the basic tile. It can be used to construct rings as well as tessellated patterns. The diagrams show many of the tiled patterns that can be constructed. Designed and folded by David Medina. See PDF diagrams.

March 14 is the International Day of Mathematics. This date was chosen due to the relationship between the date 3/14 and the number 3.14, the approximate value of the enigmatic number pi (π).

This year’s theme is “Playing with Math,” and I have created a special model that I wanted to share with people who like origami and mathematics, it can also be shared in class by students and teachers.

The pieces can form various mosaic-like puzzles, with diverse shapes and wide creative possibilities.

I am David Medina, a mathematics teacher, and I am part of the Origami Educational Association in Peru. I participated in the OrigamiUSA 2021 online convention, where I taught an origami alpaca by Carlos Pomarino.

Paolo Bascetta diagrammed my model and gave me permission to share it.

Points of the tiles can be inserted into pockets to form this ring, of which the front and back are shown.