Edited by Jane Rosemarin
Brooch 1 From a Regular Octagon by Arnold Tubis. Folding and paper by Jane Rosemarin. Diagrams by Marc Kirschenbaum. See PDF diagrams for the brooch.
See PDF diagrams for how to fold and cut an octagon from a square.

This brooch has a folding sequence similar to Brooch 2 From a Regular Hexagon, with, of course, two more points. As we add sides, the central flower becomes more compact and the profile of the outer star becomes more shallow. The method for cutting an octagon outlined here is the easiest I have seen. —J.R.

PDFs of Previously Published Brooches

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An Equilateral Triangle From a Square.
Brooch 1 From an Equilateral Triangle.
Brooch 2 From an Equilateral Triangle.
Brooches 3-7 From Equilateral Triangles.
Brooch 1 From a Square.
Brooch 2 From a Square.
A Regular Pentagon From a Square.
Brooch 1 From a Regular Pentagon.
Brooch 2 From a Regular Pentagon.
Brooches 3 and 4 From Regular Pentagons.
A Regular Hexagon From a Square.
Floral Brooch From a Regular Hexagon.
Brooch 1 From a Regular Hexagon.
Brooches 2 and 3 From Regular Hexagons.
A One-Cut Heptagon From a Square.
Seven-Pointed Star Brooch 1.
Seven Pointed Star Brooches 2 and 3.