Edited by Jane Rosemarin
Brooch 2 From a Regular Octagon by Arnold Tubis is the final design in the series. This version of Brooch 2 has rounded petals and is flatter than the one in the photo below. Diagrams, photo and folding by Jane Rosemarin. See PDF diagrams.

This model concludes my current series of brooch designs from regular n-sided polygons (n = 3, 4, …, 8). It was originally motivated by my discovery (The Fold, Vol. 71, July-August 2022) of a simple way of folding and one-cutting an accurate regular heptagon from a square and my subsequent attempts to design various geometric forms from it and other regular polygons. Many of the designs employ the pleating methods of the late Philip Shen.

I wish to thank Marc Kirschenbaum for making initial computer drawings of my rough step folds and Jane Rosemarin and her staff of The Fold for wonderful editing and improvements of my original folding steps.

A version of Brooch 2 From a Regular Octagon with diamond-shaped petals and extra radial creases to elevate the star. Photo by Jane Rosemarin.

Editor’s Note: I would like to thank Arnold for generously sending us these 26 designs, which we published over a period of almost two years. It’s been a joy. I'd also like to thank Ian McRobbie for testing and editing many of the diagrams, including today’s, and my friends David Einheber, Dawn Erickson and Lotus Stack for folding every one of the designs with me.

PDFs of Previously Published Brooches

Click on the links to download diagrams.

An Equilateral Triangle From a Square.
Brooch 1 From an Equilateral Triangle.
Brooch 2 From an Equilateral Triangle.
Brooches 3-7 From Equilateral Triangles.
Brooch 1 From a Square.
Brooch 2 From a Square.
A Regular Pentagon From a Square.
Brooch 1 From a Regular Pentagon.
Brooch 2 From a Regular Pentagon.
Brooches 3 and 4 From Regular Pentagons.
A Regular Hexagon From a Square.
Floral Brooch From a Regular Hexagon.
Brooch 1 From a Regular Hexagon.
Brooches 2 and 3 From Regular Hexagons.
A One-Cut Heptagon From a Square.
Seven-Pointed Star Brooch 1.
Seven Pointed Star Brooches 2 and 3.
A Regular Octagon From a Square.
Brooch 1 From a Regular Octagon.