Edited by Jane Rosemarin

Text by Jane Rosemarin

This is the fifth in our series of articles featuring brooches by Arnold Tubis. Here we have the last five (of seven) brooches folded from triangles. The link to the diagrams is in the caption below the first photographs. At the end of the article are links to the previously published diagrams in this series.

Brooches 3 (left) and 4 from equilateral triangles. Brooch 4 and the remaining brooches begin with Brooch 3. You may wish to come up with a variation of your own. Brooch 3, folded and photographed by Arnold Tubis. Brooch 4, folded and photographed by Jane Rosemarin.
The PDF contains diagrams for brooches 3 to 7 and instructions for cutting an equilateral triangle. Download PDF.
Brooch 5 has an attractive woven pattern on the back. Paper, folding and photograph by Jane Rosemarin.
Brooches 6 and 7. Folded and photographed by Arnold Tubis.

PDFs of Previously Published Brooches

Clicking on the links will download the diagrams.

A One-Cut Heptagon From a Square.
Seven-Pointed Star Brooch 1.
Seven Pointed Star Brooches 2 and 3.
Brooch 1 From an Equilateral Triangle.
Brooch 2 From an Equilateral Triangle.
An Equilateral Triangle From a Square.