Edited by Jane Rosemarin
Two iterations of Brooch 3 From a Regular Pentagon. Designed and folded by Arnold Tubis. See PDF diagrams for brooches 3 and 4.
Brooch 4 From a Regular Pentagon has the same base as Brooch 3. Designed and folded by Arnold Tubis.

Editor’s note: The base for Pentagonal Brooches 3 and 4, while independently discovered by Arnold Tubis in 2022, was previously published in 2011 as Estrella Sakura by David Martínez. It appeared in 4 Esquinas: Revista Latinamericana de Origami no. 6, a digital magazine. Arnold’s folding method is different, and the Estrella Sakura is complete at step 15 of Arnold’s Pentagonal Brooch 3. Arnold wrote in an email that he has a feeling that many simple to intermediate geometric models, such as these, are likely to be rediscoveries. But, in any case, the two published here have good finishing details and are very much worth folding.

PDFs of Previously Published Brooches

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A One-Cut Heptagon From a Square.
Seven-Pointed Star Brooch 1.
Seven Pointed Star Brooches 2 and 3.
An Equilateral Triangle From a Square.
Brooch 1 From an Equilateral Triangle.
Brooch 2 From an Equilateral Triangle.
Brooches 3-7 From Equilateral Triangles.
Brooch 1 From a Square.
Brooch 2 From a Square.
A Regular Pentagon From a Square.
Brooch 1 From a Regular Pentagon.
Brooch 2 From a Regular Pentagon.