Edited by Ilan Garibi

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It is a wonder how origami can break barriers and make borders vanish. In an era where some democracies prefer to build a wall around them, Origami creates a bridge as well as a meeting point.

The designer of this model is GholamReza Sarvi Shourijeh, but everyone calls him Reza Sarvi. He is from Iran and lives in Shiraz. He is 27 years old, and works as a civil engineer. He started to fold after watching "Prison Break", and he prefers to fold complex and super complex origami models.

His model is inspired by the Persepolitan Column with a double-headed Bull Capital.

He sent me this model via Instagram. I was surprised to be contacted by an Iranian, as, coincidentally, my father was born in Iran. Anyway, it was just a natural thing for me to accept.

Indeed, Origami`s middle name is "Connecting People", and this post is just another example for this connection!

- Ilan Garibi