Decorative Cube (top left) and Variations. Click on picture for diagrams.

The Decorative Cube design is an improvement over my previous Windmill Base Cubes (published in Origami Inspirations, 2010) in that, no separate joining tabs are needed. Both look similar but while the Decorative Cube is only a six unit modular, the Windmill Base Cube is made up of 18 units (six for faces and 12 for joining tabs) and hence more tedious to make. Each face of the Decorative Cube is still a Froebel type design but the use of separate joining tabs are eliminated by starting with Blintzed Windmill Bases instead of ordinary Windmill Bases. Corona Harmony paper, 6" or larger, best suits the design as it distinguishes the center from the rest of the unit. Although the Decorative Cube has been diagrammed along with only three other variations, possibilities are numerous. You are encouraged to try other Froebel type variations by applying them to Blintzed Windmill Bases and connecting them as explained in the diagrams.


February 17, 2020 - 11:25am talymo

Beautiful cubes! I have created a walk-through of the cube base pattern if anyone is interested in having a visual representation of how to do this: Walkthrough Video